You must be aware that Goods and Services Tax (GST) is proposed to be introduced in India with effect from July 1, 2017.

In order to ensure that we determine the correct GST positions for our business transactions, we wish to inform you that we will rely on your current mailing address on record with us for the purpose of GST.

The existing service tax rate of 15% shall be replaced by a GST rate of 18%. The effective date will be as per the date announced by Govt. of India, which is expected to be 1st July 2017.

An important aspect of transition into the new regime is heavy emphasis on online matching of credits. Therefore we request you to kindly provide your GST Registration details as and when the same are allotted to you in the following format along with the acknowledgement copy and send an e-mail to su*****@vn****.com for updating in our master data records for GST returns.

Particulars Details
Client Code
Party Name / Trade Name
Legal Name
Billing address
State (as per  billing address)
Provisional GST ID


  1. Heerain

    i am full time trader in FNO and I m going for propreitorship registration to show trading in FNO as business, now my question is about GST, do i have to take GST registration for FNO trading, and then do i have to pay GST on my turnover?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Heerain,
      In case your total income for the year is 20 lacs or more then you are required to have GST number.

        1. Trade Smart Online

          You are not required to pay additional GST. You can consult your chartered accountant to claim for additional GST in case your total income for the year exceeds 20lacs.

      1. Heerain

        i m currently trading with Trade smart online as individual. Do i have to open a separate trading account for trading under a preopreitorship with Trade Smart online incase i register for propretorship and trade under it, or should i continue with the same trading account under propretorship?

        1. Trade Smart Online

          Hi Heerain,
          You cannot convert the existing account to proprietorship account because your individual pan number will be different and pan number for proprietorship account will be different. You are required to open another account.

  2. rajshekhar ghodageri

    dear sir/madam,

    am private company employee share market investor, and shrot term & long term trader ,am holding stocks since one year six month , my query is. is it mandatory to have GSTIN

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Rajshekhar,
      In case your total income for the year is 20 lacs or more then you are required to have GSTIN.

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