Intraday means a position taken must be squared off within the trading day itself (during market hours only). Delivery means a position taken may be squared off any time after that trading day.


  1. Pramod

    I want to know how much amount I can spend in Intraday there is any limit & any extra charges are applicable for more use of transactions everyday in Intraday because I am trading in Intraday regularly so I want to know information about how many times I can buy & sell shares and how much amount ? How the broker charges this above mention conditions?

  2. Sajan. Ck

    I tried to buy some share.
    Showing order is recieved. But after some time showing order is rejected on order book.
    What can i do sir to solve this problem?

  3. Aditya Hegde

    I had purchased shares in the morning and the shares are still sitting in the orders only, not has moved to the holding list. Please let me know when I will be able to see the shares in holding list.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Aditya,
      The equity transaction settles in T+2 days. Since you bought on 13th, the settlement would take place on 16th as 15th is the trading holiday. You shall see the stocks in your holding on 16th end of the day.

  4. Jitendra

    If I buy 100 equity at the price of 745 in delivery. After one day if I sell the share at 755 and buy the Same share on the same selling day at the rate of 750. In this case what happens to my profup and charges and holding off shares will show what price at the end of the day?

  5. Anil Wagh

    If I bought shares in CNC & sold on the same day, is it any penalty for it?
    If I have profit on 25000 is 1000 then how much deduction of service tax, vat, c.c. cess tax & other taxes if I would have been subscribed 15 rupees plan.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Anil Wagh,
      Sell and buy orders that are placed on the same day for the same scrip are to considered as an intraday order irrespective of whether the orders are placed in MIS or CNC. Let us assume you have opted for Rs. 15/order plan and you bought 1000 qty of ABC stock in CNC at Rs.12 and sold on the same day in CNC at Rs.13, the total charges would be around Rs. 39. You may also check spit of charges from brokerage calculator.

  6. A.Ramakrishna

    What will be the probable charges to be levied from a client for intra day for unitech shares for both buying and selling? If a delivery be taken and squared off in next trading session what will be the charges to be levied?
    Ramakrishna. ar************@gm***.com

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ramakrishna,
      Total charge would depend on what brokerage plan you have opted for. Let us assume you have selected 0.7 paise brokerage plan. For intraday trading in Unitech of 1000 quantity at Rs.5 each, you would require to pay approx Rs.2.50. In case of delivery, for the same transaction charges would be around Rs.19 and Rs.15 demat transaction charge is applicable. You may also go through our brokerage calculator for more information.

        1. TradeSmart

          Hello Moolchandra,
          Sorry to hear that you felt this way about our services. Kindly email us at su*****@vn****.com along with contact details. We shall check and update you.

  7. A.Ramakrishna

    The shares of Acclaim Industries,shred shaleen textiles, Turboteck engineering, and Kausambi Vanijya etc shares not being traded in NSE/BSE since few months. As to how the shares of the said companies could be disposed? Please give suggestions. ra************************@gm***.com.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ramakrishna,
      Shares that are not traded or delisted, are to be kept under your demat account only. You cannot sell or move shares till these starts trading again on the exchange.

        1. Trade Smart Online

          Hello Manish,
          We’re discount broker and currently we do not provide tips and recommendations. However, you can use the charting facility available in the Trading Software which provide you tools to do your own analysis.

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