Segment-wise intraday exposures

Particulars Intraday Overnight (CNC/NRML)
Equity/Index futures 1X NA NA 1X
Equity/Index Options writing (selling) 1X NA NA 1X
Equity/Index Options buying 1X NA NA 1X
Currency futures 1X NA NA 1X
Currency Options writing 1X NA NA 1X
Currency Options buying 1X NA NA 1X
MCX Futures 1X NA NA 1X
MCX Options NA NA NA 1X****
NSE Cash upto 5X upto 5X***** upto 5`X***** 1X
BSE Cash upto 5X NA NA 1X

Currently MCX options trading is available only in the NEST Desktop terminal and Swing trading applications.

We also provide Margin Against Shares.

Check out Scrip-wise/contract-wise margin requirements from the Margin Calculator.


  1. Deepak Deodhar

    Ho much intraday margin is required to sell a 380 CE of SBIN Intraday…?? Your margin calculators only show total margin required overnight. and not specific for intraday. Please help.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Deepak,
      Currently, we are providing intraday exposure upto 2 times in intraday. The margin required for selling SBIN 380 CE for current April exiry shall be Rs.294000 (approx.) in overnight. The margin requirements shall be 147000 (approx.) in intraday.

  2. Rishikesh Askand

    I’m interested to open a new account after clarification on my query.
    Suppose i want to SELL a CE of 6 lots (150 Quantity) of Banknifty option with the strike price of 29400 which is trading at 125 RS presently. So how much amount of fund i have to keep in my demat account to execute above order. and what will be the fund requirement for CO/BO and MIS for above trade.

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  4. varadharajan

    hi iam doing algo trading.mainly in option buying and selling. i trade so many lots. for option writing 3x margin is not enough to me.. what i can do for high leverage.. mainly in MIS ORDERS..please help me

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Varadharajan,
      Currently you get 3x for options writing in MIS. However, in bracket order/Cover order, you would get upto 7x exposure. In case of any change in MIS exposure, we shall update to all our clients.


    Hi, as per ur info, writing Index options has 7x margin in CO BO. Can u please tell me what is the range of SL Trigger price that I can put in CO order. Like if I sell say Nifty strike 8000 PE of Rs. 15. What will be my SL trigger price?? Is it 20% of Rs.15 or more??

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Suvosmit,
      In CO order for NIFTY Options the SL range in 20%. For e.g let’s assume 9000 Nifty CE is trading at 1000 (Last Traded Price) and the stop loss range for options CO is 20% then you would required to mention the trigger price between 800-1000 for buy and 1000-1200 for sell. The Trigger price range differs segment to segment.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Amit,
      Thank you for your interest in opening account with us. Someone from our team shall call you.

  6. Aparna Bapte

    looking at exposure chart, there is no exposure for intraday trades of index or stocks options. is it right?. or there is some exposure,?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Aparna,
      You are right. There is no exposure for index/options buying. Because, in case you place a market order then there might be chances of executing at the large gap price as per the market rates available. This leads to heavy loss if you have traded with the leverage. Considering this risk and keeping the clients interest at the top, we are not providing exposures in index/stock options buying.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Subham
      We allow contracts within 5% range from LTP of underlying future contract. Ex: Let’s assume USDINR future is at 74 then the option strike price available for trading will be from 70.3 to 77.7 for UNSINR Call/Put. Even if the contract is falling between above range and if there is less volume then that specific contract will also be blocked for trading.

  7. parakala sreenivasareddy

    I want invest 50k, I a stock for a time period of 20years, what would be the brokerage for me. I am in. 07 plan.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Rama,
      Asli trader refers to a regular trader. If you buy 1 lot(75 Qty) Nifty contract at 11900 then your total contract value will be 892500. However, you do not have to pay 892500. You would just require to pay margin of 14500 if you buy through Cover or bracket order. Hence, you are getting around 61 time extra limit (892500/14500=61)

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    If orders are to be placed new long positions in Banknifty/Nifty options, (i.e OTM, deep OTM strikes & deep ITM strikes). Do you have a range to be followed by the mandated Open Interest restriction

    Like some of the discount brokers have the position limit in equity index options contracts (BankNifty/Nifty option contracts in this case) is higher of Rs.500 crores or 15% of the total Open Interest (OI) in the market in Banknifty option contracts

    For example, let’s assume BankNifty is trading at 28000 – and due to the open interest restriction is as 1% from the spot –one is not be allowed to place a buy order 280 points above or below, i.e you will have to place your buy order between 27720 – 28280. Therefore one cannot buy a CALL OPTION above 28280 or buy a PUT OPTION below 27720
    Do you follow this or are the clients allowed to buy at any strike price of their choice

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Mr. De Souza,
      Currently we do not have such restrictions, you may trade in any strike price if there is volume in the respective contract.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Sagar,
      MCX Futures trading is available in all product types. MCX Options trading is available only in NRML(Overnight position). You may refer the above article. NA means no trading is available in that particular product type.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Sanit,
      As mentioned in the above article, MIS, CO and BO order types provide you extra exposure while trading intraday. In case you have shares lying in your demat account, you can also pledge shares and get extra exposure based on the shares you pledged.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ravi,
      Margin: In case of derivatives(Futures) trading you’re required to keep some amount with in your trading account to buy/sell one lot of any contract. This amount is called as margin. Example: Support you want to buy Nifty Future contract. It consists of 75 qty in one lot. Let’s assume Nifty future is trading at 10000 market rate. If you buy one lot then the total contract value becomes 750000(75*10000). But exchange require only 8% of the total value. Hence, you’re required to pay only 60000 to buy 1 lot of Nifty contract. This Rs.60000 is called as margin.

      Exposure/Limit is the extra amount that broker provides to your trading. Please note exposure is available only in intraday.
      Example: The margin required for Nifty 1 lot is Rs.60000. Let’s assume you have balance of Rs.20000. You can buy 1 lot of nifty. Here, the remaining 40000 has been contributed by the broker. Ideally, providing extra amount to clients for intraday trading purpose is called as exposure.

  10. skyestar1603

    Hello to all,
    My Name is Upender Bhardwaj, i want to know if we have any option to see the charts to study the market and from the same page if we can trade also.
    although i am 1000% satisfied with VNS Services and using my account almost from Dec 2012.
    may you reply me on my email please.
    Thank You So Much For Your Services.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Upender,
      Glad to know you liked our service. We recently have partnered with Reliable Software to provide you an advanced trading tools with sophisticated charting experience available in FoxTrader desktop application. Here, you can place your trades through charts. Click here to know more on FoxTrader. Assuring the best of our service.

    2. Admin

      Also, if you are not looking for an advanced tool then basic charts are available on all our platforms. Nest trader, Sine mobile and Sine web all have the charts option there.

      Please let us know in case you have any other query.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Sajjan,
      Span margin is the minimum margin required to be maintained to create the position in your account. Exposure margin is charged in order to protect the liability which may arise due to wild swings/moves in the markets. Hence you’re required to pay both Span and Exposure margins.

  11. Rukmangada Reddy

    F&O Closing Day, I am buying options paying total amount why MIS and after 3:10 buying is not taken why.
    I am paying total amount for options why your system is selling at 3:10 hrs. It is not correct.

    Please modify your system.


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Rukmangada,
      In case you are paying full amount then we would request you to place your trade in NRML so that you can square off your order till 3:30pm or you can also carry forward your position to next day if you wish to. As per RMS policy 3:10pm is the cut off time for intraday(MIS, CO and BO) orders.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Rajeev,
      Margin required for 1 lot of BankNifty future short position is 80200 to carry forward the position to next day(NRML product type). For intraday(MIS), margin required is 26800. In case you use cover or bracket order then margin required would further reduce to 11500. Kindly note these rate are as per yesterday’s closing price and subject to change.

      We provide 3 times intraday exposure(MIS). For carry forward, full margin is required. For Cover and Bracket order, the future contract exposures are upto 7 times.
      You may also refer our margin calculator for more details.

  12. Abdul Majeed

    Hello TOS Team,
    Greetings of the day!

    I dont know if this question is answered previously. But I couldnt find. Please just let me know about the following
    1. Is CO / BO available for Commodity and Equity?
    2. Is CO / BO available in NEST, NOW, SINE?

    Abdul Majeed

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Abdul,
      1. As of now only CO is available in commodity. Very soon you would get BO in commodity too.
      2. In NOW trading software, CO & BO is available only for Nifty & BankNifty. CO & BO are available in NEST & SINE too.

      1. Abdul Majeed

        thank you for your quick response.

        What about SPIN? Is CO / BO available?
        In NEST / SIne is BO / CO available for Commodity, CDS, FNO, EQ?

        1. Trade Smart Online

          Hi Abdul,
          Yes, BO & CO is available in Sine too. As of now BO & CO are available in equity cash and NSE FNO in SINE as well as NEST. In case of NSE currency(CDS), CO is available only in USDINR and not in rest of currency pairs. Only MIS exposure is available in rest of currency pairs. We will soon be launch BO for commodity too. Till then you can trade through cover order facility in commodity.

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  14. Abdul Majeed

    the details given in your website are not clear. atleast for me. please make is a bit more user friendly. for example please provide a seperate page for margin and brokerage calculator for equity BO and CO. i couldnt find these details clear. Please let me know if 30x leverage is available for all equities under BO or CO?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Abdul,
      We do have separate page for brokerage calculator. CO/BO are intraday products, hence you can select intraday option on brokerage calculator to know how much is the brokerage for your CO/BO orders.
      We also have margin calculator page for equity CO/BO.
      Click here for exposures and margins. Under this link you will get CO/BO scrip list available for CO/BO trading.

  15. tejas

    Is their any limitations for intraday trade ?? Means per day 3,5 ,7 trade only ?? Plz reply is their any limitations for intraday and weekly limitations..

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Tejas,
      There is no any limitation with regards to number of trades per day or per week. You can place any number of trades any time.

  16. Bhushan

    Hiii I have following Questions
    The account shows Realised MtoM Present -165, Margin Used is also -165 Rs Why is this Happening
    How do I see the net Profit, I earned or Losses occured.
    I am unable to sell a CNC type stocks which I purchased 3 days Back.
    How to Use Leaverage.

    Bhushan 9022154633

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Bhushan,
      As per your query posted here, we thought it would be helpful if spoken on the phone. Hence, we had also arranged call regarding the same. Hope your query has been resolved to your satisfaction.

  17. J karthikeyan

    Sir, pls clarify my query that I bought some stocks NSE 50 stocks in equimax account for 4 times exposure under NRML in NEST and kept for some days in equimax account and my query is that is it possible for MIS short sell position conversion. Pls send me reply. Thanks
    My ID is YKAJ27

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi J Karthikeyan,
      All the NRML EquiMax positions cannot be converted to CNC or MIS. It should be squared off first and you can create an another position in MIS or CNC.

  18. Santosh

    Dear Sir, I want know the leverage in shares for intraday trading. I am a trader, I was doing future and options in index, just started intraday in shares. Please help, It would be great if you load and change from time to time list of shares and leverage being provided. My client code is YPUS81. Smart trade support is excellent among others i have used yet. Thanks & keep up the good work please.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Santosh,
      For equity cash we provide upto 10 time and futures & option writing upto 3 times for intraday. For options buying you are required to pay full premium. You can also refer to the equity margin calculator page on our website for scrip-wise margin requirements.

      In case you want to have further high leverage then you may use Cover Order & Bracket Order.

  19. rahul

    I want to do trade in intraday with sl in commodity mini lots please tell us limit and required ammount in my trading a/c

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Rahul,
      Margin required will depend on in which commodity you want to trade.
      Example: For 1 lot of Silver mini, June 2016 contract, you may need to maintain approximately Rs.9700 to take overnight position. For intraday, margin required will be Rs.4850. In case you use Cover Order, you just need to maintain Rs.1940 in your account. These figures change as the Silver mini market rate changes

      You may also calculate margin required for different commodities from our Margin Calculator.

  20. Shaantosh

    Hi There,

    Can I have algo trading with VNS finance ?

    What is the procedure, can you give the contact no of the operator ?


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Shantosh,
      Yes, you can have algo trading with us. You just need to send an email to [email protected] for activation of Algo trading API. We will revert you with the further process.

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  22. Surinder

    Sir, as one of the friends pointed out above, it would be great if the exposure was based on specific stoploss rather than plain 5x exposure on bracket order. Sir, there are other brokerage firms who are providing stoploss based exposure, the higher the risk the lesser the exposure they give, and vice versa, which sounds good. But i agree their monthly charge is little higher than yours. But Sir this is simple calculation and you can add this to your system, and make your company the best in everything in pricing and in fair margin providing and all.

    1. admin

      Hello Surinder
      There was an issue because of which we were not able to offer this earlier. Please give us a few days. We will check this again and get back to you.

  23. bhaskar rao

    Sir my name is bhaskar. My account id YAPB45 .my friends said that as many time trades in a day. But one friend said that only one trade in a day.i.e. one buy and one sell. The reason is that the funds regarding selling transaction would credit after 4-5 hours later. Sir which is correct. For ex.rs.10200 balance in my account.
    Monday. I buy ab.ltd. shares at rs.10.of 1000 shares= rs. 10000 at 9.30 am
    Sell at rs.11. of 1000 =rs.11000 at 1.00 pm( same day)
    Same day. I buy cd .ltd. shares at rs.10. of 1100 =rs.11000 at 1.30 pm (same day)
    I sell at rs.11. of 1100 = rs.12100 at 3.00 pm (same day)
    Sir wether it is possible or not. If it is possible as many time trades in a day . if not , only one trade in a day.i.e.i sell shares at 1.00pm . the funds credited after 4-5 hours later at 5.00pm-6.00pm after market closed. Sir which is correct . please tell me .

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Bhaskar Rao,
      You can trade any number of times, if you have sufficient balance in your trading account. It also depend on whether you are trading in intraday or delivery.

      Ex: If you have balance of 10000 and want to trade in Axis Bank stock,
      Intraday: Since Axis Bank has 7 times exposure for the day, you will be able to trade upto 70000 volume for intraday. You need to square off your position by 3.10pm or your position will be auto squared off after 3.10pm.
      Intraday exposures varies from stock to stock. Please refer knowledge base link for Intraday Exposure.

      Delivery: You can only buy upto 10000 value of Axis Bank stock. These shares will be delivered to demat account on T+2 settlement day.

      In case of further queries, please talk to us on 022-42878000

  24. j chandra sekharam


    1.OK. after opening the account and putting buy/sell orders, I am not able to get internet connection can I do further transactions over phone. If so whom I have to contanct. Are there any extra charges for putting those orders. ,

    2. After opening the account am I have the choice to opt for one plan to another plan .
    Pl advise.

    J chandra sekharam

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello J Chandra Sekharam,
      1) After your account is opened, in case you face internet connection issue, you can still call us on 022-42878000 Extn:3 and place your trades. For Call-N-Trade you will be charged Rs.20 per executed order.

      2) You can change your brokerage plan any time after the account is opened. You can refer Knowledge Base link for brokerage plan change form.

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    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Umesh,
      Please login your mobile app > Click on buy/sell button > Select segment as NSEFO > Select Instrument type as OPTIDX if you want to trade in INDEX or select OPTSTK for trading in option stocks > Select expiry > Select PUT or CALL > Put the information required. For any further query, you may call us on 022-42878000, drop an email to [email protected] or use chat support available on Trade Smart Online.

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  27. parth

    Pl correct my calculation if I have done wrong,nifty call sell strike rate 7900,premium @180, quantity 3000 for premium Rs 540000+ margin amount rs 144333= 684333/ required minimum to execute the trade.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Parth,
      In case of option sell (option writing), you just need to pay margin required by exchange. You do not have to pay premium.

      In the example provided by you, let us assume you want sell November Expiry. For your better understanding you may consider margin that is required for Nifty futures. As on date Nifty futures carry forward margin for 1 lot (75 qty) of Nov. expiry is 62000.

      You want to sell 3000 qty (40 lots), hence approximate carry forward margin required would be Rs. 24,80,000 (62000*40). For intraday you just need Rs. 6,20,000 (2480000/4). Margin charged will be even lesser if you trade through Cover Order and Bracket Order. Please refer our knowledge base for Intraday Margin and Exposure.

      If you want to check options margin requirement, please login your trading software > Tools > Check in “What If Analysis” for the actual option margins.

      You can also refer our knowledge base on How to check margin required by using “What if Analysis”?

  28. Nagesh


    I have a query on margins for BO..

    For last 10-12 days 17th sep t 29th sep, the margins have worked like below.

    Eg1 : Say If I want to buy SBI Fut at 240 .Target 243 & SL 238..Max loss is 1000* (240-238) = 2000..So If I have around 2200, I used to Buy 1 Lot of SBI Fut..That was superb..

    Eg2: Say If I want to buy Axis Fut at 501 Target 508 SL 495..Max loss is 500*(501-495) = 3000. So If I have around 3000-3200..I used to buy 1 lot of Axis Fut..Superb again..Its purely SL based..The more SL is close to buy price..the more margin i used to get..That was fantastic..

    But for last 2 days, (starting 30th sep)..Its just 5x margin i am getting to buy a Future..

    Why is not SL based..??? Margin based on SL is fantastic & Terrific..Why that feature is not working now..??

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Nagesh,
      Bracket order and Cover Order margins are based on a formula that involves Limit price, SL price and a few other parameters. So it is not just SL based. This is done to cover the risk in some of the lesser liquid contracts. We’ve always been using this formula from the day we launched Bracket Orders and have mentioned accordingly in our knowledge base too.

      For bracket order you get maximum of 5 times intraday exposure. You may refer to “Scrip Wise Exposure Limits

      We can’t commit anything but will certainly take this as a feedback and will look into what we can do about it.

  29. parth

    I would like to thanks the entire team of “Trade Smart Online” for kind reply in detailed. That would be very helpful at the time of real trading.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Parth,
      Thank you so much for your appreciation. It is our pleasure to serve you. We look forward to many more years of working with you.

  30. parth

    One correction I want to write demat instead of de tat beg pardon for this and I want to also know when my position of sell call automatically square off if the trade go against me

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Parth,
      Suppose you have created an overnight position of Nifty sell call and in case market is going against you and your loss falls below 65% of margin available then you would need to transfer funds into your trading account. In case the fund is not deposited and loss increased further to 80% then we cut off your position from our end.

      You may refer our knowledge base article to know Risk Management Measures taken by us.
      You also can refer our Risk Management Policy.

  31. parth

    Sir,thanks a lot for your kind opinion. kindly sent me necessary forms to open d’etat and trading. Account through my mail. One question if I want to sell nifty call costing 60000/. How much money should always remain my limit or bank during this trade?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Parth,
      Thank you for your interest in opening an account with us. Please fill in your online account opening form or you may also contact us on 022-42878000 for any further help.

      Margin required to sell Nifty call costing of 60000 would depend on various parameters. Let us look at an example for the better understanding.

      We assume that you are referring to a premium of 60000, and 7800 strike price of Nifty call. Let us say you want to sell Nifty call with quantity 200 at Rs.300 price (200*300=60000 Premium as per your example), the total contract value would be 2340000 (7800*300).
      For overnight position you just need to maintain 10.15% exchange prescribed margin i.e Rs.237150 (2340000*10.15%).
      For intraday, margin required would be Rs.59378 (237150/4) as you get 4 times exposure for Nifty intraday trading. Please note that all your intraday positions will be auto squared off after 3.10pm in case position is not closed by you.

      Please refer our knowledge base for scrip wise margins and exposures.

      For your information. please look into Intraday Square off Timings.

      Hope we addressed your query.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Parth,
      For carry forwarding any FNO position there is no exposure provided. In case you want to carry forward, you are required to have 100% margin for FNO position.

      In case of equity trading, if you want to sell delivery of stocks, you need to have these shares in your demat account with us.

      Please refer our scrip wise exposure list.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Saroj,
      For tick size of 0.05, you can select Ticks and you are required to mention minimum of 20 ticks in the field provided. Currently Bracket Orders are not available for Commodity Trading. However, you can use cover orders for commodity trading and enjoy higher exposures and limit your risk too.

      For more information, please refer Trade Smart Online blog.
      Cover Order: http://blog.tradesmartonline.in/cover-orders-explained/
      Bracket Order: http://blog.tradesmartonline.in/bracket-orders-and-trailing-stop-loss-explained/

  32. Venkat


    How much u charge for 3rd party transfer? For ex:- I need to transfer 50000 from trade Smart DMAT account to my bank account. How much trade smart online charge. Got to know you charge 400/- per transaction. Is it correct?


    1. admin

      Hi Venkat
      From what we understand you mean charges if you request a payout from your trading account to your bank account. Fund transfer to your bank account registered with us would not be a 3rd party transfer.

      We do not charge anything for a payout request to your bank account. For more details please visit our list of charges.

  33. Trade Smart Online

    Hi Prakash,
    You can trade in futures with intraday exposure of 5 times using Cover order if you are NEST Trader. For more information, please refer above article with all terms and conditions mentioned.

    1. admin

      Apologies for the misunderstanding. For online trading we operate through our Mumbai office, this allows us to keep our costs low and pass on the savings to our clients. But distance won’t be an impediment for providing you better services & prompt support.

  34. Balaji

    Hi Team,

    Could you please suggest Chart system is available in Trade smart online.If yes than please privide me the path for commodity.

  35. Trade Smart Online

    Hi Venkateswara,
    Sorry to here about your friend’s experience. Your money at Trade Smart Online is very secured. We do not enter any trades without your knowledge.

  36. k.venkateswara rao

    Hi, I am senior citizen, I was told by my friends that the amount on trading deposits are not secured. Is there no security in stock markets in India?. Please give me information.

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    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Suvankar,
      Sorry to hear that. Leverage is a double edged sword and must be used very carefully.

      In case you are new to stock market we’d suggest you try virtual trading for some some time to learn more about the same.

      We provide various technical indicators in our trading software which might help you make more informed trading decisions.

        1. Trade Smart Online

          Hello Manoj,
          Currently we do not have virtual trading facility. However, we shall check this option and look upon best possible way.

      1. Trade Smart Online

        Hello Ranjay,
        We will arrange you call shortly from your relationship manager. Alternatively, you may also call us at 022-61208000.

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