This is one of the frequently asked queries by traders wherein the price at which the execution took place is not visible on broker’s platform, charts, NSE Website, etc.

This may happen due to the below mentioned reason.

The various sources where the prices (high, low etc) displayed get the data from the Exchanges or a data vendor in the form of price feed. Each second has numerous trades and it’s technically not possible for trading platforms, charting platforms, etc. to capture and display all ticks which are being traded at a particular time. These charts only take one tick per second inspite of many ticks which are traded during that second. Based on the feed received from the Exchange during the interval, the open, high, low, close for the interval is calculated. Due to some ticks getting missed it is possible that your trade took place at a price which is higher/lower than the high, low for that time interval. However, it’d still be a genuine trade.

One may also find the genuineness of order and trade execution at Trade Verification module (can be found at respective Exchange’s website) which is available only for 5 days from the day of execution.

Concluding to this it is clear that the trigger price at which it got executed would be from missed ticks. Hence, it is not visible under trading platforms, charts, etc.



    On Friday sold RPOWER 10000 quantity at 4.3 total 43000/-, but my margin showed 34400/- why it is showing please reply

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Rukmangada,
      With new regulations starting from 1st December, 2020, you shall get only 80% sale proceeds of DP holdings for further trading. However, you shall be able to trade with 100% sale proceeds from next trading day. Please refer to this knowledge base article to know more.

  2. सतबीर सिंह यादव

    How can I cancell by buy/sell order during off market in 5paise broker agent ?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Satbeer,
      Usually orders can be cancelled from order book available in the trading application. However, we would suggest you to contact your broker for the details information.

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