EquiMax facility is been suspended from 22-09-2017 till further notice.

EquiMax is a product which provide exposure in equity delivery, where in you get upto 4 times exposure in delivery. Please refer our Trade Smart Online Blog for more information.



    Please sir, activate EQUIMAX facility again. Because as per sebi rule from september 2021 intraday margin will be 100%, so exposure will down on that time, maximum trader will love to trade in delivery, and if 1x exposure is needed for delivery cash segment, then you will loss your maximum clients. Whereas maximum broker is giving delivery exposure. So please to continue your client holding and for client benefits please activate EQUIMAX again

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Subhankar,
      Thank you very much for your suggestion. We appreciate the time and effort you have spent to share your insightful comments, which will be studied thoroughly and decide on the best way for implementing it. We always welcome bright ideas from interested individuals like you and we hope that you continue to share them with us in the future.

      1. Subhankar

        Thanks for reply.
        I love to trade in your account. I have 4 more full brokerage service demat accounts. But i use algo trading software. So for robo trade only i can trade in nest or odin platform.
        Point 1- here the facility for using nest platform
        Point 2- i love your SINE application, because its very user friendly
        (Just add portfolio to see till date how much i do profit or loss? )
        Point 3- very transparent in brokerage charge and other all taxes.
        Point 4- 75% margin required condion of sebi till now you are giving 6.67x exposure intraday for nifty 200 stocks.

        1. TradeSmart

          Hello Subhankar,
          Glad to hear that you liked our services. Feedback from our clients keep us motivated. We do provide algo trading using Fox trader terminal and Swing. Please refer to this link to know more. We have gone through your queries, please find our comments below:
          1. We do provide advanced desktop trading applications like Darkstocks and Fox trader along with Nest trader terminal. Please refer to the above link to know more.
          2. You can see the P&L (as on date) for your holdings in Sine mobile application. Please go to DP Holdings to see the individual and overall P&L for your holdings.
          3. We believe in transparency and making things easy to understand. We take great pride in building relationship with our clients and it’s wonderful to see that our efforts are paying off.
          4. As per the Exchange circular, the 3rd phase of Peak Margin Reporting shall be implemented from 1st June, 2021. To avoid peak margin penalty, we shall provide upto 1.33 times intraday exposure trades in derivative segments and upto 7 times in MIS CO and BO trades for the equity segment. Please refer to this link to know more.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Asad,
      When you login to your trading terminal, on market watch, you can select the stocks that you wanted to sell and complete the order by using CNC product type. Once it is placed successfully, your holding stocks will be considered as sold. You may also refer to our YouTube video for more information.

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