The number of strike prices available for trading in options contracts for Cover and Bracket order are as mentioned in the table below.

Product Order Type                                No. of strike prices                                   In the money – At the money – Out of money
Options Index & Stocks CO & BO 8 – 1 – 8

You can now trade in 8 higher and 8 lower strike prices with respect to previous day’s closing spot price of the underlying. Please note that the availability of increased strike prices will depend on the liquidity of the contract.

Example: Let’s assume you wanted to trade in Nifty options CO/BO. If the closing price of Nifty Index was 8000 on Monday then the available strike prices on the next trading day (Tuesday) will be as given below.

Previous day’s closing price Total strike prices Strike prices above 8000 Strike prices below 8000 At the money strike price
8000 17 8050-8400 7950-7600 8000

Please note CO/BO are currently unavailable till further notice. Because as per the 4th and final phase of Peak Margin Reporting, the highest margin utilized by the client during the day needs to be collected and reported to exchange. Failing which margin shortage penalty shall be imposed. Know more.



    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Dnyanoba,
      Yes, for Nifty options sell you shall get BO order facility. Please refer to our another article on Exposure where you will be able to know in which all the segment CO/BO orders are made available.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Nemichand,
      Cover(CO) and bracket(BO) orders are special intraday order types which will help you in minimizing the losses. In BO, along with buy/sell order, you can place stop loss order as well as a target price. BO is also called as 3 leg order. In case of CO, along with buy/sell order, you can place a stop loss order and not a target order. CO is called as 2 leg order. In both CO & BO, you would get higher intraday exposure. For more information, please refer the following link.
      1) Bracket order
      2) Cover Order
      3) Intraday Exposure

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