1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Rajeev,
      In case you want to transfer shares from A account to B account then you need to courier the DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) of A account along with Client Master of B account to the broker where you have A account. Please click here to know how to fill DIS copy. If you have both accounts with TradeSmart then along with DIS copy you may just provide the client ID of B account.

  1. RAJESH kothari

    My mother has share in physical form now expired I have demat account what is procedure to transfer in my account

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Rajesh,
      You are required to contact RTA(Registrar & Transfer Agent) of that company to change the name. You will find this detail in nseindia.com website. Search for the company and click on “Company Information”. In “Company Contact Details”, you will find registrar office contact details. Once the shares transferred to your name, you can dematerialize shares to your demat account.

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