1. Mukul Gupta

    my account is being debited for Rs 320 + taxes every day, I am not able to understand why it is being debited, i have sufficient margin in my account so why it is being debited.
    please provide me calculation sheet on the basis of which you are debiting these charges.

    client code YUPM14

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Mukul,
      Your account has been debited with Delayed Payment Charges (DPC). Please write us at [email protected] along with dates for which you need a clarification so that we can check and assist you.

  2. Girija Sankar Pujhari

    If I don’t have fund balance, then how the sell order executed? You are not giving any statement but directly giving a debit notification!

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Girija,
      We are unable to find any charges being debited for your client code. Request you to send us an email at [email protected] mentioning your client code. Our team shall check and update you.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Aditya,
      Your current brokerage plan is value plan i.e. 0.7 paisa trading plan. In 0.7 plan you will be charged 0.7 paisa for Rs.100 in intraday equity & futures and 7 paisa per Rs.100 for equity delivery and Rs.7 per lot of options. For a better idea of the statutory charges applicable, please refer to our brokerage calculator.

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