1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Omprakash,
      We guess you are referring to Annual Maintenance charge. This is charged from second year onwards. There shall be 300+GST levied to your demat account. Kindly let us know if you are referring to some other charge.

  1. Deepak Sharma

    my balance is sshowing zero at the time of opening account you guys said there is no hidden charges and now this charge that charge everything you guys are charging… I have made a complaint to the RBI related to this issue on twitter by looping your twitter account..

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Deepak,
      Sorry you felt this way. In order to be more transparent, we have added the list of charges in our Knowledge Base Article and also included in the welcome letter which you receive after account opening with us. Other than these places, if we have missed out to mentioned then kindly let us know. We try our best to improve our service to your satisfaction.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Chaitanya,
      Annual maintenance charge will be directly debited to your trading account. In case you have balance, the same will be deducted from the balance. In case of zero or -ve balance, whenever you make payment to your trading account, first AMC will be recovered.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Navnath,
      Please let us know your client code and the date at which you are finding your ledger balance is incorrect. We shall check in detail and update you the status.

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