Currency Brokerage Savings Calculator

It is important to know the brokerage that you will save before you start trading with TradeSmart. TradeSmart currency saving calculator gives you an idea on how much you save when you choose TradeSmart as your trading partner compared to other brokers.

Current costing

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TSO costing

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* Conditions

1. Call and Trade: Rs 20 / executed order + brokerage commission

2. Demat transaction charges Rs.15

3. Digital Contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email

4. Physical copies of Contract notes shall be charged Rs 20/contract, courier charges extra

5. NSE Charges, Transaction Charges and Statutory Levies will be charged as applicable.

6. Please read the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.

7. Terms and Conditions can be subject to change.

8. To view the list of all the charges applicable, please click here.

TradeSmart has always been and will continue to be a transparent platform for online trading. Use the currency brokerage calculator to figure out precisely how much you will pay in brokerage charges under any of the brokerage plans you choose to trade with.

Before you begin trading with TradeSmart, it's critical to understand how much money you'll save on brokerage. When you select TradeSmart as your trading partner over other brokers, you can use the TradeSmart currency saving calculator to see how much money you can save.

You can calculate the brokerage charges before placing orders in the currency derivatives market using the best currency brokerage calculator.

Below are the requirements for input into the commodities brokerage calculator in India.

Segment Quantity Buy Price Sell Price Exchange Number of orders
Future Options Greater than 0 INR INR NSE Greater than 0

Types of stockbroking categories:

  • Full-service stockbroker - A full-service broker provides a wide variety of stock and share trading services, research on various stocks and shares, and recommendations on potentially profitable companies.

  • Discount stockbroker - A discount broker buys and sells orders for their customers. They carry out the transaction by charging a fee. However, they do not provide investment advice or investment recommendations.

Benefits of using TradeSmart brokerage savings calculator

It can be exasperating not knowing when you'll be able to make money. Use the TradeSmart currency brokerage savings calculator to easily learn more about your profit areas and breakeven threshold.

Compare broking ally

Currency brokerage saving calculators are handy when deciding which broker to work with. They offer the necessary data to evaluate broker cost structures, price plans, and charges and savings.

Well-informed decisions

We offer the best currency brokerage savings calculator. Investors can use this tool to determine the savings on brokerage costs before carrying out a transaction. This enables investors to make more informed trading decisions.

Additional costs

While using our currency brokerage savings online calculator, get transparent information about additional charges like STT (Securities Transaction Tax), GST (Goods and Service Tax), state-by-state stamp duty, SEBI charges, turnover charges, and so on in addition to brokerage costs.

Breakeven indicator

Brokerage savings calculators also provide the number of points needed to breakeven on a transaction.

Common questions

This calculator will help you know if the transaction is lucrative or will result in losses. You can also save time and avoid errors. So, yes this brokerage calculator is beneficial.

Key in your desired quantity, type of order, the amount, number of orders and click the show charge breakup button to calculate the brokerage.

The calculator generates accurate and suitable results. The rates are incorporated in the calculator and the computation is done using the correct techniques to make sure you get proper results every time you use this calculator.

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