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It's vital to know how much money you will save on brokerage before you start placing a trade with TradeSmart. You can use our commodities brokerage calculator to figure out your entire brokerage fee and other transaction expenses even before you place them.

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* Conditions

1. Call and Trade: Rs 20 / executed order + brokerage commission

2. Demat transaction charges Rs.15

3. Digital Contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email

4. Physical copies of Contract notes shall be charged Rs 20/contract, courier charges extra

5. NSE Charges, Transaction Charges and Statutory Levies will be charged as applicable.

6. Please read the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.

7. Terms and Conditions can be subject to change.

8. To view the list of all the charges applicable, please click here.

Brokerage cost is the most significant cost of doing business for commodity derivative traders. To create an efficient trading strategy, it is critical to conduct a thorough analysis of the whole cost of trading using an online commodities brokerage calculator.

TradeSmart’s best commodities brokerage calculator is intended to compare brokerage costs with those of other brokers. This is the most accurate way to figure out how much money you'll save on your brokerage using TradeSmart.

Below are the requirements for input into the online currency brokerage calculator in India.

Commodity Quantity Buy Price Sell Price Exchange Number of orders
Aluminum, Nickel, gold, lead, rubber, silver etc. Greater than 0 INR INR NSE Greater than 0

Types of stockbroking categories:

  • Full-service stockbroker - A full-service broker provides a wide variety of stock and shares trading services, research on various stocks and shares and recommendations on potentially profitable companies.
  • Discount stockbroker - A discount broker buys and sells orders for their customers. They carry out the transaction by charging a fee and do not provide investment advice or investment recommendations.

Benefits of opening a commodity trading account

Technical evaluation

Technical evaluation is similar to reading a horoscope for price movement predictions, but with greater certainty. Our trading software SINE includes charts with over 85 distinct technical indicators to help novice and seasoned investors fine-tune their trading choices.

Intelligent technology

You may make use of cutting-edge technology in procedures, tools, and a smart commodities trading platform when you work with TradeSmart. Not only does it make the process easier, but it also helps to reduce transaction expenses.


TradeSmart guarantees the most cost-effective trade in India as it places a strong focus on performance. Investors or traders, regardless of their trading volume, may obtain the greatest potential profits while incurring the least amount of expenses with our adaptive options (Rs. 15 per order and 0.007 paisa option), which are the finest choices available.

Uninterrupted operational support

All along your commodities trading adventure, the TradeSmart team will be at your side to assist you. You will get ongoing assistance, whether it is for establishing a commodities trading account, learning how to trade, or addressing any questions you may have.

Common questions

Only recognised exchanges such as MCX and NCDEX, as well as recognised commodity brokers like TradeSmart, are permitted to trade commodities in India.

The five main types of commodity trading in India are:
  • Precious metals/bullion – gold and silver.
  • Metals – copper, brass, aluminium, etc.
  • Energy – natural gas, crude oil, etc.
  • Agricultural activities – grains, oil, spices, pulses, and livestock
  • Services – mining service, oil services, etc.
  • Commodity trading is conducted in India on all business days (Monday to Friday). Trading hours are determined by the exchange, like:
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Agri commodities) / 11.30 p.m.* MCX (non-agri commodities)
  • NCDEX - 10 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.
  • ICEX - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Agri commodities) and closes at 11.30 p.m. (non-agri commodities).
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