Get more from your margin trading!

Get more from your margin trading

What is EquiMax?

EquiMax allows you to buy more stocks in delivery than you’d normally be able to with the same amount of cash in your trading account.

For example: If you want to buy shares worth Rs 4 lacs in delivery, you can do so by paying only Rs 1 lac in margin.


  • Brokerage Plans: EquiMax is being offered for 0.007% (Value Plan) and Rs 15 (Power Plan) brokerage plans only.
  • Trading Platform: It will be available for all NEST platforms (Desktop, Mobile and Browser).
  • Subscription charges: There will be an annual subscription fee of Rs 1000 + GST in order to enable this service.
  • Risk Square-off: As a broker we take it as our responsibility to act as a stop-loss to minimize your losses in case the market moves against your expectations. Hence, the positions may be squared-off from our side if 50% of your margin gets eroded due to MTM loss.
  • Demat account: To avail EquiMax funding facility for your account, you should have a online demat account with us, so that the pay-in and pay-out of shares is convenient and seamless.

For more details about EquiMax Margin Trading please read our blog post here

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