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Trading through tradesmart was, is and always will be extremely transparent. Use the online brokerage calculator and calculate exactly what you will be paying under any of the plans that you chose to trade with.

Product Price Quantity Breakeven (Rs.) Profit \ Loss (Rs.)Turnover (Rs.)
Buy Sell ? ?
? 0.01 ? 0.33 ? 69.85
Total ? 1.62 ? 0.99 ? 82.50
Total Charges
Charge Cost(Rs.)
STT/CTT ?? 0.01
Turnover Charges ? 0.00
Services Tax, SB Cess & Krishi Kalyan Cess ? 0.00
Brokerage ? 0.00
Stamp Duty Varies
SEBI Fee ? 0.00
Total ? 0.006
Total Pnl:
Item Value
Net Sell Value ? 35.09
Net Buy Value ? -34.75
Gross PnL ? 0.34
Total Charges ? -0.01
Net PnL ? 0.33

Margin Calculator

Use the margin calculator to create your portfolio and determine the amount of investment needed to build it. The calculator will also help you segregate the margin types required. (SPAN, exposure, VaR, ELM & Net Premium)

Margin Calculator

Brokerage Savings Calculator

  Brokerage saving calculator helps you understand the savings that you will make over time on brokerage while trading with Tradesmart. Use this calculator to check your earnings, your savings and your profitable zones over a period of time.

Brokerage Savings Calculator

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