What is Intraday Trading? – Intraday Trading Fundamentals

September 26, 2018 Beginners Trading Guide, Intraday Trading 3 min read
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  • What Does EQ, BL,BT, GC, IL & BE In Stock Market Stands For In NSE? | TradeSmart says:

    […] It stands for Equity. In this series intraday trading is possible in addition to […]

  • George Papazov says:

    The beginners tips is always helpful for the new traders and for those who wants to trade but can’t find out the way what they have to do?

  • Information Related To Peak Margin Reporting | says:

    […] circular is important for intraday traders using margins higher than the Exchange prescribed margins. It’ll not have any impact on […]

  • How Does A Cover Order Work? | says:

    […] order is meant for intraday trading only. All cover orders (CO) need to be squared off before 3:10 pm otherwise could be squared off at […]

  • Upfront Margin Collection For Cash Segment Just Like Derivatives | says:

    […] Intraday profits can be used only after the settlement. Derivative profits settle on T+1 day and equity profits settle on T+2 days. […]

  • TradeSmart says:

    Thanks for your appreciation.

  • George Papazov says:

    This is really helpful article. I really loved the article and learn many things from here. I appreciate it. Well done

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    call me asap

  • v.venkatesh says:

    iam learnig about intrady or dail trading


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