Batman Trades On The Exchange

November 25, 2014 Trading Tips and Tricks 3 min read

The Dark scrip rises?

Batman is one of the most beloved fan fiction superhero of all times. What makes this character intriguing is the manner in which the audience connects to it. BATMAN is but a mere mortal possessing no extraordinary superpower. Nevertheless it is the willpower of his, which makes him what he is.

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Let us consider what would have happened if BATMAN would have been a scrip:


In the year 2005, BATMAN decided to list himself in stock market on the NYSE. His image, he believed could be sold to fund money for the R & D division of his company. As he defeated Ra’s Al Ghul, subsequently in the same year; the stock rose along with. After that came a hiatus for 3 years during which the stock lost its popularity from stock market and dwindled until the rise of the BATMANs arch rival, the infamous JOKER.

Finance Hero

The year 2008 also saw the huge subprime crisis. People lost their belief in fancy complicated products and everyone was looking to disinvest from the conventional “safe” investments. This was a time when the world was looking for a hero, a finance hero who can save the stock markets. Thus, it saw the inception of the superhero index with the BATMAN contributing a majority share in it. Other constituents were Spider Man, Super Man and surprisingly, also the Twilight Saga Vampires.

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The Joker Stock

Surprisingly, the stock market also saw people investing in the Joker stock, the CUSIP for which was “Why So Serious”, for once, an easy identifier to remember!! They were thought of as penny stocks which could easily take over the whole world if only Batman went down. The brokers even had a fancy pitch to sell it where they said that “The Good defeats the evil only in books, the exchange is a dark place which sees the survival of the fittest!” There were days on which the stock crashed as reports claimed that BATMAN was on the verge of losing to Joker as well as the Two-Face. After much volatility, Gotham bid good riddance to Joker as well as Two-face and although BATMAN took the fall for it,the stock touched its “all time high”. At the same time, stocks such as Joker and Two-faced were delisted and the visibility of other heroes fell.

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The Batman Retires 

Interestingly, when BATMAN decided to retire for good, the stock witnessed sharp correction. In the year 2012, the stock was almost forgotten and was expected to fade away with time when all evil stuck Gotham again. An insurgence of an exterminated member of Ra’s Al Ghul named Bane captured and desolated Gotham city from the rest of the world. BATMAN was once again forced to rise as the city felt his need. Many thought the end of BATMAN was near as even his close acquaintances left his side. The stock simultaneously touched an all time low post its IPO until BATMAN managed to save the city from the crutches of evil once again. However that was the last time BATMAN was ever seen in public as his BATMOBILE blew up in midair.

The Rise of Robin

The BATMAN had named his successor as Robin before his presumed death which saw the revival of the stock. There are hints that the stock might be dissolved and Robin will take over the concerned shares.

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Batman Vs Superman?

According to the latest rumours there is a rivalry brewing up between two of the mightiest heroes of all times namely; BATMAN and SUPERMAN. Whether the rumours are true or not? Whether the BATMAN is still alive? Whether the stock can stage another comeback? Only time will tell.

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