Synthetic Futures – Meaning, Types of Synthetic Futures

January 12, 2013 Futures and Options 2 min read

Synthetic futures can help us save up to 75-80% of our transaction costs.
Let us take an example,
Buy 10 Nifty futures @ Rs 6000
Sell 10 Nifty futures @ Rs 6000

Profit/Loss = Rs 0.00
Total transaction cost = Rs 797.80 (as per our Trade Smart Online Brokerage Calculator)

 Brokerage calc options

Instead, if we would have opted for Synthetic Futures (Nifty strike price 6000 @ Rs.100) the transaction cost would have been Rs 181.88 only.

Let us find out how it works:

Synthetic Futures are basically option strategies wherein we take opposite positions in call and puts of the same underlying with similar strike price and expiry. The payoff will be similar to that of futures.

I. Synthetic long futures:

Initiate position: Buy 1 ATM Call + Sell 1 ATM Put
Cover position : Sell 1 ATM Call + Buy 1 ATM Put

synthetic nifty long futures

Maximum Profit=Unlimited
Maximum Loss= 6000 x Qty
Profit= Price of Underlying – Strike price of Long Call – Net Premium Paid

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II.Synthetic short futures:

Similarly we can also create a short futures with options.

Initiate position: Sell 1 ATM Call + Buy 1 ATM Put
Cover position : Buy 1 ATM Call + Sell 1 ATM Put

Maximum Profit=6000 x Qtysynthetic nifty short futures
Maximum Loss= Unlimited
Profit= Strike Price of Long Put – Price of Underlying – Net Premium Paid

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Transaction costs:

Transaction cost in synthetic futures as calculated below includes only charges for taking position and does not include charges for the cover operation. Hence the total transaction cost is Rs 90.94 x 2 = Rs 181.88

Brokerage calc options

Your savings = 797.8 – 181.88 = Rs 615.92 🙂

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