How To Use NOW Software For Payments

April 3, 2013 Mobile Trading, Now Trader < 1
Transfer Funds The Now's Way


Use NOW payment gateway for funds transfer to get instant and automatic limit increase.
Here is how you can do it in a simple way…

Step 1 :Login with your ID and Password on NOW software
NOW login

Step 2 : Click on Market => Web Links => PAYIN
Funds trsf_1


Step 3 :After a click on PAYIN, software will take you to NOW’s website for fund transfer.


Currently the facility is available only for clients with bank account in AXIS, HDFC, and ICICI banks. Select the name of your bank.
Funds trsf_2



Step 4 : After selecting your Bank, fill the amount you wish to transfer and click on SUBMIT. Your account number will automatically be displayed.
Funds trsf_3



Step 5 :Once you Submit the details, your bank’s net banking web page will open.
Fill the login id and password of your net banking and make the payment.
Once the payment is made, you can instantly check your balance in the trading account.

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Step 6 :To check the RMS limit, go to NOW software
=> surveillance => RMS limit => view limits. OR type the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+V.
RMS Limit_1

You may also watch our Fund Transfer video on YouTube.
In case you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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