Visit to House Of Charity Versova

October 24, 2017 CSR Activities 2 min read
A Visit to The House of Charity

On the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, 21st Oct’17, we, Team Trade Smart Online had the privilege to serve and share happiness with the Children of God, who are staying under the care and shelter of “House of Charity – Versova”.

Trading made possible visit to a house of charity

A Visit to The House of Charity

It was an early Saturday morning, when we rode to our destination “House Of Charity” located at Versova, Andheri. We reached the House of Charity at 9 AM and received a warm welcome by the caretakers and the residents. Before, meeting the people in house, the caretaker (sister) briefed us about “the House of Charity” and the residents.

The House of Charity, a chain of NGOs, was founded in Italy in 1932 and gradually spread across the globe. The one in Versova was started in 1980. Since last 35 years, the House has been solely dependent on the donations for its survival. Everyone, including Sisters and other attendants who help in carrying out day-to-day activities have faith in God and belief that the God has a special plan for his special children.

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Sister introduced us to all occupants of the House. We were amazed to know about them. We celebrated Joanna’s birthday. Bhavana was a Salman Khan fan and sang us a beautiful song. Rajesh was a Shah Rukh Khan fan and made us go ROLF by mimicking him. Shweta and Jaya were helping sisters in kitchen, and others were helping in daily chores.

The most painful thing that we learnt here was that most of the children taking shelter at the House, were abandoned by their parents to face cruel calamities of life. But the house has given them the warmth of love, taught them to be happy and supported them in returning back to the road to enlightenment.It was a real honour for us to meet such pious souls who are so selfless and dedicated to uplift the society and make it a better place to live for all. It’s a great feeling of contentment and satisfaction when you become the reason of smile on someone’s face. This visit has undoubtedly made it “Ek Diwali Hamesha Yaad Rehne Waali”.

Lastly, we would request our readers to go out and help those in need. You’ll feel Good from inside.

Thank You.

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One Comment
  • Vandana Kasat says:

    Hi guys! I really feel bad for them and I have felt the reality of the world and understood that we don’t bother on those little things but these people are so happy in their small world after facing the calamities or the cruel wrath or the hard times or may say the toughest times in a person’s life. I got to learn a lot from their life…


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