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July 2, 2024 Trading 5 min read
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In the quest for clean and sustainable energy, wind power stands out as a frontrunner. Among the key players in this sector, Suzlon Energy Limited has been a pioneer in harnessing wind energy to provide sustainable solutions. In this blog, we’ll explore Suzlon’s journey, its share price performance, current operations, future outlook, and the competitive landscape. We’ll also address frequently asked questions to give you a comprehensive understanding of Suzlon Energy.

A Brief History of Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy Limited was founded in 1995 by Tulsi Tanti in Pune, India. From its humble beginnings, Suzlon has grown into one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers and renewable energy solution providers. A pivotal moment in Suzlon’s journey came in 2003 with the introduction of its first indigenously developed wind turbine generator. This established Suzlon as a significant player in the global renewable energy market. Over the years, Suzlon expanded its operations beyond India and now has a presence in over 18 countries.

Advantages of Investing in Suzlon Energy

Investing in Suzlon offers several potential benefits for environmentally conscious investors:

  1. Environmental Impact: Suzlon plays a critical role in reducing carbon emissions by generating clean energy from wind sources. Investing in Suzlon aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.
  2. Long-Term Growth Potential: As the world shifts towards renewable energy, companies like Suzlon are well-positioned for long-term growth. Wind energy is expected to be a significant part of the future energy landscape.
  3. Global Presence: Suzlon’s operations across multiple countries provide diversification opportunities for investors looking to tap into the global renewable energy market.
  4. Innovation and Research: Suzlon’s commitment to research and development ensures continual improvement in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its wind turbines.
  5. Economic Viability: Renewable energy projects often benefit from government incentives and subsidies, making them economically viable investments.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Performance

Suzlon Energy’s share price has shown remarkable growth, driven by robust order inflows and a debt-free status. In the past year, the share price has increased by 340%, indicating a strong upward trajectory. Experts predict an upside potential of up to 43%.

Key Factors Contributing to Share Price Growth:

  1. Strong Order Inflows: Continuous inflows of new orders have bolstered Suzlon’s market position.
  2. Debt-Free Status: Achieving a debt-free status has significantly boosted investor confidence.
  3. Improved Fundamentals: Enhanced financial fundamentals, including reduced debt burden and healthy cash reserves, have contributed to the positive outlook.
  4. Brokerage Ratings: Positive ratings and optimistic price targets from brokerages support further growth prospects.



Key Operations and Services

Suzlon Energy offers a comprehensive range of wind energy solutions:

Product Profile:

  1. S144 Wind Turbine Generator: Designed for low wind regimes in India, based on a 3.x MW platform.
  2. S133 Wind Turbine Generator: Built on a 2.6 to 3.0 MW platform, suitable for all wind regimes.
  3. S120 Wind Turbine Generator: Based on a 2.1 MW platform, available in three variants for low-wind locations.
  4. Classic Fleet: Includes older models like S111, S97, S88, S82, S66, and S52, which are no longer manufactured but are still supported and maintained.


  • Installation and Commissioning: Suzlon handles the complete installation and commissioning of wind projects.
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M): Comprehensive O&M services ensure optimal performance and longevity of wind turbines.
  • Planning and Execution: Suzlon offers technical planning, wind resource evaluation, infrastructure development, and power evacuation services.

Competitors of Suzlon Energy

In the renewable energy sector, Suzlon faces competition from several notable companies:

  1. Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited: A major player in the renewable energy sector in India, involved in wind and solar power generation.
  2. Inox Wind Limited: Another key competitor, specializing in wind energy solutions and listed on the stock market.
  3. ReNew Power: A significant player in the renewable energy market, focusing on wind and solar power projects.
  4. Adani Green Energy Limited: Part of the Adani Group, this company is a prominent competitor with a focus on large-scale renewable energy projects.

Competitors Listed on the Stock Market:

  • Inox Wind Limited: Listed on the Indian stock market.
  • Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited: Part of Tata Power, which is listed on the stock market.
  • Adani Green Energy Limited: Listed on the Indian stock market.

Current Share Price of Suzlon Energy

Over the past year, Suzlon’s share price has shown remarkable growth, with an overall increase of 340%. This surge in share price has been driven by robust order inflows and the company achieving a debt-free status, significantly boosting investor confidence. The current market capitalization of Suzlon Energy is approximately Rs 600 billion, and it maintains a price-to-earnings ratio of 55.19.

Disclaimer: The share prices and financial information mentioned in this article are based on data as of June 25, 2024. Share prices are subject to market fluctuations and may vary. This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult a financial expert before making any investment decisions.

Recent Financial Performance

In the quarter ended March 31, 2024, Suzlon reported a net profit of Rs 2.35 billion, marking a substantial improvement from the previous quarter. The company attributed this increase to higher revenue from operations and reduced finance costs. Suzlon’s revenue for this quarter was Rs 15.98 billion, up 18.5% from Rs 13.48 billion in the same quarter last year. This growth was driven by increased volumes and higher average selling prices in a more favorable market environment.

Debt Reduction and Financial Stability

Suzlon has also made significant progress in reducing its debt. As of March 31, 2024, the company’s debt stood at Rs 94.41 billion, down from Rs 114.81 billion as of June 30, 2023. This reduction of Rs 20.4 billion over nine months was achieved through strategic repayments and settlements with lenders. The company’s efforts to streamline operations and enhance financial stability have been well-received by the market.

Recent Developments

Suzlon’s recent developments include securing a significant order for the supply of wind turbine generators (WTGs) for a 642 MW wind power project from ABC Cleantech Private Limited. This project involves the deployment of 214 WTGs in Andhra Pradesh, each with a rated capacity of 3 MW. The company will handle the installation, commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance of these turbines, further strengthening its market position and revenue prospects.

Future Outlook

Suzlon Energy’s future looks promising with a strong order book and strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening corporate governance, transparency, and investor relations. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability positions it well for continued growth in the renewable energy sector.


What is Suzlon Energy?

Suzlon Energy Limited is a leading global renewable energy solution provider, specializing in the manufacturing and installation of wind turbine generators.

What are the main products of Suzlon Energy?

Suzlon’s main products include wind turbine generators such as the S144, S133, and S120, along with a range of services including installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

How has Suzlon Energy performed financially?

Suzlon has shown consistent growth, with its share price increasing by 340% over the past year. The company has a strong order book and a positive outlook for future growth.

Who are Suzlon Energy’s competitors?

Key competitors include Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited, Inox Wind Limited, ReNew Power, and Adani Green Energy Limited.

Is Suzlon Energy a good investment?

While Suzlon has shown strong performance and growth potential, all investments come with risks. It is important to conduct thorough research and consult with financial experts before making investment decisions.


Suzlon Energy has made significant strides in the renewable energy sector, delivering impressive returns to investors and contributing to the global fight against climate change. With its strong market position, innovative solutions, and commitment to sustainability, Suzlon Energy remains a key player in the wind energy landscape.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.


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