Price and Open interest – Do they ever lie?
There is an old saying that life is like a game of chess. If we know our opponent’s game, our chances...
Investing in Stocks vs Real Estate: Which Strategy makes you richer?
Investing in stocks and real estate are the two common long term investment options in India. Have you ...
Top Stock Trading Techniques of All Time
Every successful stock market trader on the planet has one thing in common – he has an edge. By that...
Best Trading and Investment Blogs to Follow
The above-mentioned quote is from one of the shrewdest investor, a partner of Warren Buffet, among...
Sine Web – The Intelligent Web based Trading Application
Sine Web, a handy browser-based trading application, empowers traders with a tool that provides...
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Tips and Tricks for Creating Wealth in Share Market

Category Archives: Stock Trading Tips

trading types

Kind of trading and its suitability to various people

By | Beginners Trading Guide, Stock Trading Tips | One Comment

Every market participant is faced with the question of whether he should be an investor or a trader. Since investing generally requires a good knowledge of finance and takes years before the fruits are visible, most newcomers naturally drift towards…

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change in nifty - Top Five Indian Stock Investors

Top Five Indian Stock Investors

By | Stock Trading Tips, Trading Advisory | 6 Comments

It has generally been observed that a person takes to a field, be it professional or sports when he finds someone inspirational to follow. This idol, who is termed as the ‘hero’ is studied very closely to understand how he…

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Circuit Breakers Scanner

Circuit Breakers Scanner

By | Circuit Breaker, Stock Trading Tips | 3 Comments

In stock market, The Circuit Breaker scanner helps in identifying stocks that have immense profit making potential. The scan results of this scanner display a list of stocks that has hit the upper circuit or lower circuit for the day….

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Circuit Breakers – Traders’ Safety guard

Circuit Breakers – Traders’ Safety guard

By | Circuit Breaker, Online Trading, Stock Trading Tips | No Comments

A circuit breaker is a fundamental concept wherein trading is frozen for a few hours, or in a worst case scenario, the day’s trade is suspended for a stock if its value increases beyond or decreases below a predetermined…..

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Bracket Orders and Trailing Stop-loss Explained

Bracket Orders and Trailing Stop-loss Explained

By | Bracket Order, Stock Trading Tips, Stop Loss | 61 Comments

The world moves too fast and is often too difficult to keep track of. Markets move even faster and in all this turmoil, bracket orders come as a great boon in managing your risks. As the name goes, Bracket orders..

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