Bullet Syndrome : Financial Puzzle Solution

September 8, 2014 Financial Puzzle 2 min read
The Bullet Syndrome: Solution

In a distant village by the name of Ramgarh, there was a notorious dacoit by the name of Gabbar Singh. A renowned resident of the village and an ex-policeman – Thakur had hired two people by the name of Jai and Viru to catch Gabbar to avenge his historic losses.

Solution of bullet syndrome in share market

After months of planning and plotting, Jai and Viru tricked Gabbar Singh with bait and caught him alive. Gabbar was brought to Thakur and presented to his own court of justice. Thakur had planned for this day for ages and didn’t want to kill Gabbar Singh that easily. He wanted Gabbar to feel the pain slowly and gradually. However, he also wanted to give Gabbar the chance of luck – he tells Gabbar that if he survives the test, then he is a free man and can begin his second life on a positive note.

The Test

Thakur tells Gabbar that he has a six chambered revolver; however, there are only two bullets in them in successive order. Gabbar tied to his chair has no other option but to give in to the test. However, Thakur makes it a complex situation by saying that, he will spin the chamber, close it and take a shot at Gabbar.

If Gabbar dies, the game is over and justice is done. However, if he survives – he would be given two options –

(1) Pull the trigger again or

(2) Spin the chamber again, close it and retake the shot. 

Gabbar doesn’t think much and tells Thakur to take the first shot. Thakur immediately spins the chamber, closes it and takes the first shot at Gabbar. With a stroke of luck, Gabbar survives it. Now, it’s decision making time for Gabbar.

What should Gabbar choose from – Option 1 or Option 2?


Gabbar should ask Thakur to trigger without spinning the chamber.

As we can figure out already that Thakur has fired one of the four empty chambers. The reason being that the two bullets were placed in consecutive chambers; one of the empty chambers has a bullet following it while the other three empty chambers are followed by another empty chamber.

If Gabbar Singh asks Thakur to pull the trigger again, the probability that he would get killed by a bullet is ¼ i.e. 25% probability.

On the contrary, let’s suppose Gabbar selects Option 1 and Thakur is to spin the chamber before shooting, the Probability that Gabbar would get shot would have been 2/6 or 1/3, as there would have been two bullets that could be in a firing position out of six chambers. The probability of getting shot by a bullet would have increased by 8.33%.

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