SINE – Our intelligent mobile trading app

September 28, 2016 Mobile Trading, Sine App 2 min read
SINE - Our intelligent mobile trading app

SINE, our newest mobile trading app is an amazing trading platform for both new and experienced traders and investors. With its advanced features it will save your time and will put you in full control of the market.


SINE  trading app has been designed especially keeping derivative traders in mind. In this blog we will be giving an introduction to some of the basic features of SINE. In a follow up article we’ll be covering the advanced analytics features of Scanners and Options Strategies.

Sine is one of the elegant mobile trading app specially designed for online trading

Informative dashboard

SINE’s easy and intuitive dashboard gives a quick feel of the markets with a complete view of Nifty, Banknifty & Sensex indices. It also helps you monitor your Orders, Holdings, Positions, MTM and Trading Balance on real-time basis all from a single screen.



Get trading limit, Pay-in & Pay-out amount, PNL and more details for your trading account.


Create Multiple Market watch with SINE



SINE offers multiple chart types of various time duration with multiple indicators. You can also place orders directly from the chart window.


charting 2

Snap Quote

In addition to stock market depth SINE also displays Futures quote, Resistance & Support levels, High-Low for different time intervals, Option chain, Put-Call ratio and much more at a swipe.


Fund Transfer

Transfer funds instantly through 28 banks to your trading account as well as place your payout request directly through the Sine app. You can also check your payin & payout status on this app.

               payin     payout     fund-transfer-status



Overview shows the percentage of stocks that have advanced and declined. It indicates a general direction of the stock market, when a higher percentage of stocks advance in comparison to decline on a single trading day, the market is thought to be bullish.


Top Movers

Consists of two categories -Top Gainers & Top Losers. The data could be further sorted sector-wise.


Top Volume Gainers

The Heatmap shows the Top Volume gainers on a single trading day.


Corporate Action

Get details about AGM, Dividend, Bonus, Interim Dividend and more in Corporate Action.


Open Brokerage Account

Bulk-Block Deals

Get investment cues from Bulk-Block deals.


Also Read SINE Advanced trading app tools

Options Calculator

The calculator generates theoretical value and option Greeks for European style call and put options.


Scanners & Options Strategies

Sine app has advanced online trading features like scanners to identify opportunities in the market and most favourable options strategies to trade in various market conditions. To know please refer our blog


Coming Soon!

Our endeavor has always been to improve and provide better products to our users. Keeping this in mind, we will soon be coming with the following features for SINE.
· SINE Web with all the features of SINE mobile trading app

Interested to trade with SINE ?

Currently SINE is available for NEST users in NSE (Cash, F&O and Currency), BSE (Cash) and MCX only. Download SINE for Android through Google Playstore and iOS from App Store.

Download SINE Trading App

We are confident that SINE with intuitive, user friendly interface and advanced features will definitely enhance your online trading experience. For your feedback and suggestions, please provide post your comments below and we’ll get in touch with you at the earliest.

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  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello MD Tuli,
    Sine website is compatible on Tablet. However, we recommend to have android version above 5.0 – 5.1.1. Alternatively, you may also use our new mobile app which is in beta phase currently.

  • M D Tuli says:

    Web site sine.tradesmartonline is not opening on tablet chrome .OS , 4.4 kit .kat

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Jaiwant,
    We will look into it if there exists the issue. Thanks for notifying this to us.

  • Jaiwant Mahamulkar says:

    Sir… Charting lags the real time price… Pl fix it….

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Vivek. Please, let us know which version you are using. We will check and update you.

  • Vivek says:

    IOS version crashes quite often and login gets invalidated, happens very frequently which is very frustrating. Other bug that i found is, if a wrong password is entered and corrected in the next attempt, then the subsequent answering screen will fail though you enter the right answers. The only option is to close the app manually and login again. IOS version is annoying not sure about Android,

  • Rajesh Kumar says:

    Do you have any whatsaap group for trading

  • Sine Web - The Intelligent Web based Trading Application | Trade Smart Online Blog says:

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  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Durgesh Kumar,
    There could be fluctuation in the net. Kindly try to login Sine and check again. Please let us know if you still have any issues.

  • Durgesh Kumar Yadav says:

    The sine mobile app and website is not working. It’s very slow and VNS finance is not active to resolve this problem.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Gowtham,
    Hope you have linked the bank which is not available in the instant payment gateway list. Hence, the bank name is not showing while making instant payin through Sine app. We request you to go through the List of Banks available for instant payin.

  • gowtham munusamy says:

    Hi Trade Smart,
    when i try to transfer fund from my bank account to payin to sine app it doesn’t shows to select the account number and I have linked my bank account with trade smart. Could you please suggest me any solution.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Dinkar,
    Once your account is opened you can login to Sine mobile app and place your trades. Kindly elaborate what information you are looking for regarding “one month free”.
    You may refer our videos on Sine mobile app in youtube channel.

  • dinkar says:

    one month free over after that what to do to use sine app

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Neeraj,
    We understand the requirement of having historical charts and also working on the same. Very soon we shall give you this feature.
    As far as web based login is concerned, you are not required to refresh the page. It gets automatically refreshed. Hope must be talking about our NEST web based which requires manual refresh. Kindly try our Sine web based login. This has auto refresh facility. You may use the same login credentials.

  • Neeraj Kumar says:

    Chart are available only for intraday. I need historical chart also, at least last one year chart. Other discount broker providing the same, you should also work out for that. It will be a great help. Also, please make a HTML5 website, your web trading platform do not refresh in realtime, it has to be refresh If I need to see that current price and no chart available there. Your pricing are great but technology legging. Please look at this also.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Kratant,
    We do not upload balance on weekends. Hence, your balance is showing zero. We request you to check on trading days. If you still find any issue, please let us know.

  • kratant says:

    My sine app is showing zero balance, even though i transferred money yesterday only.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Rajesh,
    We update the latest version on play store as we receive new releases. Kindly let us know which version of Sine app are you using.

  • Rajesh Gupta says:

    What is the status? when will it be available?

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  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Thebaaz,
    We would like to inform you that Sine app is for NEST user. As you said your account is active in NOW, you cannot login to Sine. To shift your account to NEST, you can login your BOX and place your request for software change, from My profile section.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Thebaaz,
    Kindly share your client ID will have some one call you and resolve the issue. Meanwhile, update your Sine app from play store and check the same again.

  • thebaaz says:

    Sine say invalid user id
    I try all combination but still failed
    Im using NOW
    What wrong TSO?

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Danesh,
    You can buy/sell using SINE mobile application. Please go to Watchlist available at the bottom part of SINE’s app screen >> Tap/select the scrip/contract in which you wish to trade >> Click on T to trade.

    You may also contact us at 022-61208000 in case you are facing any issues with order placement.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Nitesh,
    Sorry to inform, Sine mobile app is available only on Android & IOS and not available in Blackberry & Windows.

  • nitesh m says:

    how to install in blackberry devise…………????

  • Danesh says:

    How to use buy and sell in sin app

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Nirav,
    Can you please forward the screenshot of the chart issue you are facing at [email protected] so that we can check and update you.

  • Nirav says:

    I have an only commodity account with TSO. In new application, charts dont load up properly, many tools under snap quote of all commodity contracts are not functioning. Please do something

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Raju,
    We are sorry to hear that you are facing such issues. For smoother trading experience, we request you to have 3G internet connection.

  • raju jogdand says:

    जहाँ पर रेंज कम है वहा पर sine मोबाईल अँप नहि चल रहा। मुश्किल आ रहि है।

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Anand,
    Currently no notification facility is available Sine app when pending order is filled. To check the issue regarding trigger value for futures, Nifty charts we would like to talk to you to resolve your query. We would also suggest you to check our latest release which shall be live in next week. Hope this release will resolve all your queries.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Anand,
    Glad to know you liked out trading app. Request you to send an email to [email protected] mentioning your requirements regarding configurable options.

  • Anand says:

    Kindly add a notification when an order is filled.
    Also the option to set a trigger value for a futures order is not working.
    NIFTY charts don’t open.
    Please add daily chart option as well.
    The real time refresh rates are slow. How often do you refresh. I would like streaming quotes.

  • Anand says:

    I still like your current color scheme. So please make this a user configurable option.


  • Trade Smart Online says:

    When you login your NOW/NEST desktop trading terminal under Tools menu you will find “Set Alert” option. For any further information you may refer our user manuals.

  • abc says:

    where is the option to set script alearts

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Savitri
    1. When you click on Square off option it’ll show you the order entry screen with the entire quantity of your holding pre-filled. You can change the quantity there to do a partial square off.

    2. Earlier we had enabled only the EQ series in Sine. However, now other series are also available and hence you should be able to add those too.

    3. You can very well buy/sell securities without adding it to the watchlist. All you need to do is just search for it and then tap on the “T” icon to the right of the scrip symbol in the search results. For your convenience, it’ll even remember your previous searches so even next time you wish to trade in the same security you do not need to add it. However, in case you wish to track the prices too, it’d be better to add it to the watchlist.

    4. We’ve extended the TradeSmart app. However, it’ll be phased out soon. Please do share with us the issues/challenges you are facing with Sine and we’ll be quick to resolve the same.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Amin
    We are working on introducing Sine web (browser). We are testing it right now. It should be live soon.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Thanks for sharing sample themes. We will look into it.

  • Confidential says:

    Theme has been Emailed as requested.

    Thank-you guys for prompt reply.

    Your Support services are the best.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    We are so glad that you likes our mobile app.
    1. We understand your concern about logout time. But as per the exchange policy it cannot be removed. This is just to ensure the security to avoid any misuse by others or may be by kids by mistake.
    2. This is a good observation by you on which we are already working.
    3. It would be helpful if you could provide us the sample theme for our better understanding. Please send an email with the sample to [email protected]
    4. We shall work on preparing user guide. Meantime, you can click on the icon “i” in mobile app. This will give you a brief explanation about the function.

    Thank you for taking time and providing the feedback.

  • Confidential says:

    Hii TSO Team

    I always wanted a good mobile app from TSO and waited for months to finally start my ttrading with you guys.

    After using his App for about 3 weeks here is my Review and Recommendations.

    App is par expectation and working awesomely in my Device however there are some features I would like you to consider and trust me with these features, people are gona fall in love with this app.

    So here are some points:-

    1. Auto Logout time- Guys No one is going to trade from our phone. What is the need of Auto logout?

    It logs out in an hour or two and re-logging over and over again becomes a pain
    Please just remove it completely.

    2. As a Trader, Every minute we need to keep an eye on the Index(Nifty/Sensex).

    And in this app it takes so much time to watch index in Dashboard and then Coming back to the scrip

    Better to provide Index at the left hand slider so we can watch it from any page wherever we are.

    3 Background Theme- Black background is not at all comfortable for eyes. It starts irritating after few minutes.

    Please provide an option to change it to White which makes data more visible and soothing as well

    4 Pls provide a User Guide.

    I would be very happy if you can provide me with these 4 requests.

    Please don’t mention my Name in Reply.


  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Sakthi,
    Sine is our new mobile app launch which has many technical tools with unique features. If you are a NEST mobile app user, please make sure to download Sine and login as we are phasing out NEST mobile app by this week. You will soon be getting Sine web too. No changes made in NEST Trader desktop trading application and NEST web.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Indicators are technical tools which are used to check the stock price movements. You may refer RSI indicator for your better understanding.

  • sakthi says:

    Hi, Is this app only for Mobile users? how about desktop? is this something similar to Zerodha Kite?

  • Amin says:

    Kindly introduce sine mobile browser based its good or spin browser based bcoz we want all the feature of sine and spin in browser . It is good compare to nest .

  • Savitri says:

    Partial square off how to do In sine also many stocks I can’t find in sine while searching and no direct way to buy without adding in watchlist… Is Tradesmart app will be available or not cz sine has lot of flaws.. User id YUPS191

  • raju jogdand says:

    Chart indicator macd , bollinger band , supertrend , hai kya.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Govind
    Apologies for the confusion. But Sine is available for Android and iOS only. The other app VNS Mobile will be phased out by next week.

    If you are a Windows user we’d suggest you use NSE Mobile app for Windows phone. In case you’d like to migrate your account from NEST to NOW please send us an email at [email protected]

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Gurpreet
    We had sent you a message from Google Play comments to try it again as the Android version 4.2 is now resolved. Hope it is working for you now.

    Please let us know in case you are still facing issues.

  • Govind Kishore says:

    HI i am NOW user and i am using NSE Mobile app on Windows phone and now i changed myself into NEST user so please tell me which mobile trading app you will provide me because i asked in support chat they told me that the NEST will provide you SINE mobile app but the problem is that SINE mobile app is not available in windows phone app store but VNS mobile trading app is available

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Gurpreet
    There is currently an issue with Sine on Android version lower than 4.4. we are working on resolving the same.

  • Gurpreet Singh says:

    Sine app is not working on my mobile. My android version is 4.2.2 After entering password and click on validate link, page remains as such. Plz solve this problem.


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