An interesting financial puzzle – I

September 20, 2013 Financial Puzzle, Smart Investment Tips 2 min read
An interesting financial puzzle - I

We all must have experienced in our life that at times small things, words or even an incident brings a perceptual change towards something or someone. Here is one such financial puzzle which will feature a different approach to the world of Investment.

We are sure that this blog will prove to be a good exercise for your brain muscles. So just pull up your socks, brush up your arithmetic skills once again and get ready, because what will come ahead is definitely a wonderful and a smart investment concept


It’s a tale of king and a wise man who cleverly saved his life, when he was just about to be hung till death. Right before covering his head, the king asked him his last wish.
He thought for a moment and said “ My lord, I just need some rice”.
The king was surprised and quickly asked “how much rice do you need?”
The man replied “My wish is very simple, Give me one grain of rice for the first square of the chessboard, then bring all the grains from the earlier block and add equivalent number of grains in the next square ie., two in the second block, four for the third square, eight for the fourth square and so on for all 64 squares, with each square having double the number of grains as the square before. Then give me all the rice in the 64th square. That’s it.

Imagine the Great Emperor has appointed you to estimate the quantity of rice needed by the end of 64th Square? How much according to you could be the rice needed (assume 1 rice grain = 20mg)?
a) Less than 10 Kgs
b) Between 10 and 100 Kgs
c) Between 100 and 10,000 Kgs
d) Between 10,000 and 10 Lac Kgs
e) More than 10 Lac Kgs

Please try not to use Excel. Calculator is fine 🙂

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  • Shiv sankar says:

    sum of all the 64 blocks 18446744073709600000.00

    1 kilogram = 1000000mg

    1 kg contains = 50000 grain (1000000mg / 20 mg)

    18446744073709600000.00 / 50000

    = 368934881474191.00

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Well…the concept we are trying to demonstrate with this blog is an easy one But most people miss the importance of it and hence are not able to use it well.

    Watch out for our next blog for the answer.

  • tk says:

    And eventually King has to file for bankruptcy 😀

  • tk says:

    So that’s not the answer…

    10th square get 512 grains. That’s 512% of square 1. So 20th will get 512% of square 11 (1024). I don’t think even calculator or excel would help if this calculation goes in this rate.

    SoI assume it would be more than 10 lakh kilograms. But…

    The man who is gonna get “vaikku arisi” (rice put in the mouth of a dead body before cremating) doesn’t need that much of rice. So a handful is enough 🙂

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Assume 1 grain of rice to be equal to 20 mg.

  • tk says:

    How do I know the weight of a rice grain???

  • Severus Snape says:

    The reward would add up to an astronomical sum..much much more than what the kingdom can produce in many many years!


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