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December 20, 2017 Fox Trader, Trading Tools 3 min read

Let’s picture this scene – you have started a new job and your priorities have expanded. Your responsibilities and your attitude need to shift with a greater emphasis on the immediate than the horizon. These deep thoughts are just, but one of the few ways we can express the state of mind an investor, who is trying to build his portfolio of financial assets for a financially secure future.

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At Trade Smart Online, we believe a vision and a realization of financial planning needs to be appreciated at every level. Be it young or old; student or professional. No matter who you are, being responsible financially is a must. All things said, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!! (dead serious). With this fact laid out there, we, at Trade Smart Online, thoroughly believe that anyone who participates in the stock market faces huge gaps between his knowledge and lack of realistic strategy in stepping up his game while stock trading. If you are one of those people, who believe in fighting out the odds, we present to you the perfect tool for your trading needs. FOX Trade, this trading software answers all the fundamental questions that all stock market participants have been asking – “how to trade” and “when to trade” and “what to analyze”? All these questions are answered with tools that help in effective decision making, disciplined approach to execution of plans and most effectively, progressive thinking through continuous learning.

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We, at Trade smart online, have the complete belief in the ability of the trading software in enhancing your capabilities through its unique features unlike any other available trading software in the market at the moment.

Let’s have a look at the features that FOX Trader offers:

  • Market BREADTH: This nimble feature helps you get a bird’s eye view of the performance of the stock market with a specific look into how much of the market indices have gone up or down, and thus, helping you decide on which indices are good to trade on.
  • Semi-Automated Watchlist: How you keep a track of your portfolio’s strength, directly affects the performance of your financial decisions. Create your own watchlist by adding multiple features directly alerting you about the performance of the selected stocks.
    Semi Automatic Order book: Opportunities don’t come knocking every time and ideas don’t strike without instinct. FOX Trader’s unique OMS creates an environment where you can pre-place orders according to conditions that you feel are worth your risk.
  • EVENT based P/E: Proper execution merits the hard work taken in tedious and smart planning. Even in the world of online trading, executing at the right place and time is the zone for balance in risk and return. FOX trader provides testing of various stocks according to parameters from an ocean of indicators and when your preferred strategy clicks, you are made aware of it and alerts are sent out for you to work on it.

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  • 3D CHARTS: If a portfolio is a structured document, charts are the canvas through which it comes alive. These charts aren’t limited to financial instruments only. Deduce and figure out your next move through indicator based ADS & depth analysis of your instrument
  • Tools for strategy and objectivity: The purpose for you to choose a stock and the actions that you take on it are to be made after thorough understanding and analyzing if it satisfies your needs and requirements. FOX Trader not only helps you derive a strategy but also fine tune it to the changing requirements.

But the fleet of features don’t stop here. Below are a few more to name:

  1. Run Multiple Scanners.
  2. Understand demand and supply zones using Time and Volume Profile.
  3. CHART based trading from any point on the chart
  4. Running EVENT watches on particular stocks.
  5. Share your desktops, studies, strategies, views, scrip notes, trend lines with other traders.
  6. Run Multiple Scanners with specific indicator based backtesting.
  7. Uniquely visualize market activity in Derivatives.

And lots more…….

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We have always thrived to serve you with nothing but the best and our association with FOX Trader is another step in accomplishing our commitment. FOX Trader trading software is available for users on nominal subscription fee, but for our clients, it will be free for the first 15 days. This will help you in getting familiar with the application and also gauge its utility while taking trading decisions.

Share your FOX trader experience with us in the comments section.

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