Margin policy Changes During Election Results

The 2014 general elections to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha are in their last lap with last phase of polling on 12th May.The election results will be declared on 16th May 2014.

Historically markets tend to be highly volatile with wide swings on the result day and nearby days mainly due to exit polls and in anticipation of election outcome.

We as a broker will have to introduce few safety measures to shield against high volatility starting next week from 12th May 2014 till 19th May 2014.One of the measure could be to reduce intraday exposure or margin across all segments. Any such reduction if happens will be communicated to you on the trading terminal and will also be updated on the website. You are requested to adjust your margin requirements accordingly.

Any other safety measure if taken will be accordingly communicated.

Please take help of chat support available on our website for any query or latest margin updates.

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