Kamal Shah – Stock trader and Technical Analysis trainer

July 26, 2018 Interview, Technical Analysis 2 min read
kamal shah

Mr. Kamal Shah, Director at Swaycharts Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a Stock Market Trader and a Technical analysis Trainer. After spending more than 16 years across various national and multi-national organizations like JP Morgan, Nomura, Lehman Brothers, i-Flex (now Oracle) and BSE IT, he decided to quit the corporate life to live up to his passion to become a Stock Market Trader. 

Below are the highlights of the brief talk we had:

TSO: How did you learn technical/fundamental analysis& what attract you?

Mr. Kamal: I learned Technicals from No.1 Trainer in India as I believe one needs to skill up before you enter into any new venture. As I was passionate for Trading, I got myself trained, as for any business you need to have the right skills of that business. Simplicity in Technical Analysis attracts me a lot as anyone can learn it and implement it. Overall I wanted to have a life where I can see my son’s childhood along with him. Being a full time stock trader gives me the free of time and enjoy it.

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TSO: Tell us a bit more about your understanding of technical analysis & its effectiveness.

Mr. Kamal: For me Technical Analysis is the best way to trade in Stock Market and Technical Analyst is the best profession in the world, as its simple to learn, implement and it gives me Freedom of time, money and allows me to spend time with my family and live up my other passions which I failed to do in my corporate life. It helps to find best stock from the entire list of stocks and helps to define proper Risk Vs Reward for each trade.

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TSO: What do you do to overcome the losses, if any while trading?

Mr. Kamal: Losses are actually part of the business and to mitigate the risk we need to manage it, we manage it with a proper system driven stop loss and also trades should be based on proper Risk Reward Ratio. Risk has to be taken with respect to your trading Capital and not on trade to trade basis.

Analysis needs to be checked when we hit the Stop loss for a trade as any error in analysis needs to be corrected, always believe in Fail Forward system, though sometimes market will go against your analysis as analysis is also probable and not certain. 

TSO: What do you do when not trading and what else do you love to do?

Mr. Kamal: I chose trading as a career, so that I can live my passion as Trading gives me freedom of time. I can now spend quality time with my son and family. Also, it gives me more time for my Ashram Sewa activities.

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TSO: Any piece of advice for your readers or followers or traders.

Mr. Kamal: For any business to be successful always have a rational approach and not emotional. Trades are to be seen as business opportunities and always book loss on time, as capital in hand will help you grasp as many opportunities as possible. Stay in Market to make money and always learn. Always think of training as an investment in a business.

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