How to Check IPO Allotment Status

October 5, 2021 Trading 2 min read
How to Check IPO Allotment Status

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are public issues launched by companies that seek investors’ money to expand business and revenue. When an IPO isn’t launched, it’s a part of the primary market. When the issue gets listed, it can then openly be exchanged via the NSE or the BSE, depending upon the stock exchange where its listing has been made. Then, it becomes secondary market security. When you apply for an IPO, you join a long queue of investors who have done the same. So, we understand that you may be wondering how to check IPO allotment status. In this article, we will guide you. 

What is IPO allotment status?

Once you have made your IPO application, you have to wait for the IPO managers to release the details on who has received the allocation and who has not. These details are not released publicly for the whole investor community to see. Instead, the investors who subscribed for the IPO will be notified on their subscribed email. It may be possible that you had applied for more shares than you got, or you were allocated no shares. Depending upon the number of total applications, in the recent IPOs, there have been more than 100 applications for one share. 

Consider yourself lucky if you get a good bid for a quality IPO. Once you receive the allotment, you will be notified by email. The details are released privately, or you can use your application id to check your allotment status via your IPO manager’s IPO allotment status portal. How to check IPO allotment Status otherwise? You can sign up for smart brokers like TradeSmart, who keep you synced with your IPO application process. 

On the day of the IPO’s listing, you can find those shares in your Demat account, which can then be sold using your trading account. Many investors wait for the listing eagerly to sell the shares off and make quick profits. 

Upcoming/recent allotments

Making an IPO application doesn’t require more than five minutes if you have found the right broker. At TradeSmart, you can invest in the share market, currency market, mutual funds, and lots more via a single webpage. Moreover, one could also apply for upcoming IPOs via the SINE app. 

When you make an application for an IPO using TradeSmart, we send you alerts and emails confirming each step of the process. From submitting the application to sending a mandate request and later, once the allocation is finalized, we let you know the status of your IPO application.

How to check the status of issued applicants

You can check the status of your IPOs directly via the IPO manager’s official website. You will be given a token or a unique identification key or application ID when you make the application. You need to remember that number. Also, you will need your PAN details to check. 

When you enter these details, you will be shown one of the three possible outcomes: Allocated, Not allocated, Awaited. 

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