What is Equimax? How To Use Equimax?

March 14, 2016 Equimax Funding 3 min read
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  • Jay Mehta says:

    Interest earned on margin funding or advances for delayed settlement payments should have been outside the purview of GST.

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  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Jigar,
    In case of EquiMax, there is 4 times limit provided for equity delivery. In case you use 4 times exposure then you would be charged 0.05% as a delayed payment charge per day. In case you want to use EquiMax without paying any charges, you are required maintain full amount of the trade value that you are placing. Ex: If your trade value is Rs.10,000 then you need to have Rs.10,000 amount in your trading account. In this case you will not be charged any delayed payment charges.

  • Jigar says:

    What is the equimax delivery limit without interest charges.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Vinit,
    Kindly login BOX and click on EquiMax menu available at the left side. Under EquiMax tab click on Cash position and enable the service. Please let us know in case you need any further assistance.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Shridhar,
    As per the request received over the email, we have successfully cancelled EquiMax facility on 9th January, as your request was in pending status. Please note that after the request is processed, charges paid shall not be refundable.

  • vinit says:

    i want to start equimax facility

  • Shridhar patil says:

    I am enabling by mistake Equimax facility
    How can disable this facility

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Zubairra,
    Seems you got confused with regards to AMC charge. AMC for first year is free. From second year on words Rs.300 is charged with service tax. Interest on margin is charged as we are funding the 3/4th amount to exchange whereas your contribution will be of only 1/3rd in case of EquiMax Positions.

  • zubairra says:

    Since there is an AMC of rs 1000 for the feature ..you would have given maximum of 3-5 days interest free margin.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Rajesh,

    The Delayed payment charges will be applicable at 0.05% per day on the total ledger debit. If there is no ledger debit at the end of the day, no interest will be charged. As per the above instance, the interest will be at 0.05% per day charged on Rs.75000.00.

  • Rajesh Shah says:

    What is delay payment charge? If I have equimax account with 25K, I can buy shares worth 1 Lakh. Will there be any interest charged for 75K worth of stock I have bought? How long can I hold position with out paying any interest or any additional margin?

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Pawan,
    It seems you were talking about Rs.30000 cash balance and not Rs.300000. If the balance is 30000 then yes, you can use the remaining amount for trading purpose.

  • Pawan Sinha says:

    Suppose I have Rs 300000 cash in my account , I purchase share for Rs 80000(20000*4) under NRML . Can I purchase share under CNC/MIS/NRML for rest Rs 10000 (30000-20000=10000) ?

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Vineet
    We’d like to thank you for taking out the time to give us such a detailed feedback. We value your support and concern. While we agree we
    1. Have you tried our Spin (for desktop) and Sine (mobile app)? In case yes, please do share your feedback. Spin has many additional features compared to other softwares available in the market.
    2. We agree. We’ll see if there’s something we can do about it
    3. We are already working on it and it should be live soon
    4. We’ll look into this too.
    5. Please share which software you are referring to
    6. That is not required in Sine and in Spin
    7. We agree. Unfortunately, it can’t be changed in NEST Trader but we’ve tried to change it in Spin and in Sine. The 5L will still show there but we hope the values are easy to understand. If you still find it difficult to understand please let us know and we’ll see what we can do about it.
    8. Which software are you referring to?
    9. Spin has some nice options in this respect. You can even do trading from charts there by drag and drop. Also, you can even trade from a single click too in Spin.
    10. Once again we request you to try Spin and Sine. Also, hope you’ve also checked out Box and our BO and CO margin calculators. These were some of our attempts to make trading easier for you.

    We never say we are the best but what we do say is that we are committed to continuously improving our offerings. We want to offer our clients the best of the services. We can achieve this with your support and feedback only. So once again thanks for the same.

    Please let us know in case of any further questions.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Vineet
    You don’t necessarily need to have cash balance of Rs 25000. Even if a holding+cash+ collateral is Rs 25000, you can still use EquiMax.

    The reason we have kept this condition is that EquiMax is a leveraged product and thus has higher risk associated with it. There are many beginners who don’t understand the risk and might suffer losses for that reason. That’s the same reason why SEBI has a minimum contract value for futures and options.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Vineet,
    EquiMax is a facility in which you can buy shares in delivery with exposure of upto 4 times. In case you want to activate this facility, you need to activate your EquiMax from BOX. If not activated then you may trade in CNC (Cash-N-Carry) without the exposure.

  • Vineet pagnis [ymup15] says:

    As you say “We believe in quality that blended with excellent service which is the foundation of successful business’
    This is true. I have experienced it please try to have a kind attention on following things.
    1]We don’t have trading platform like Zerodha PI/Kite.
    2] We don’t have brokerage free delivery like RKSV/ZERODHA
    3]We cant trade Bracket order in equity
    4]We cant trade bracket order in nifty for other strike prices without three nearer strike prices to the LTP
    5]We cant save our lay out of the boxes of Net position, Trade book, Order book, like fonts colour etc.
    6]When we scroll down to see the limit ,we again and again have to select all clients option
    7]We cant see our net available margin in one line what is that 50000balance showing in 4/5 lines which is our line of margin balance all confusing !!!
    8]Even after transferring funds why the column of PAYIN shows empty.
    9]Nothing is there in one click as other brokers are having many options for trading like easy right click in Market wach and we can go to any box like Trade book, Net position etc.
    10]There is no remarkable change in trading platform with user friendly applications etc. there is no research team ? please see thoroughly the trading platform of Sharekhan, Zerodh pi.

  • vineetpagnisvineet pagnis [ymup15] says:

    If we have 25000, we need not go for Equi Max.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Savitri,
    Sorry for the delay. You can find the exposure list from knowledge base. We tried reaching you today to take the transaction details to know your order rejection status, it seems you were busy. Alternatively you may give us a call on 022-61208000.

  • Savitri says:

    Where is list of shares with 4 times exposure ..what I bought customer care told is of 2x margin..phew..then why order got executed in nml mode

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Manoj,
    In case you have an excess funds into your account then you can also place orders in CNC after creating positions in EquiMax. For withdrawing money you again need to have clear credit amount into your account.

  • manoj kumar says:

    If i use Equimax funding and I have no use any margin can i buy in CNC if I have more money in my account
    and if i require to withdraw fund then how much money I withdraws if Equimax activated Pls. clear

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Deepak,
    In order to avail the benefits of EquiMax funding facility, you need to select the NRML product code.

  • DEEPAK says:

    Which “product type” should we choose before buying equity through Equimax facility : either NRML or CNC

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Sheshagiri,
    Please help us with the error or issue that you faced while generating back office reports, we will check and assist you. You may also contact us on 022-61208000 for any query.

  • sheshagiri rao veldanda says:

    after login to back office i am unable to generate any reports

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Raju,
    In case you want to hold shares for long term then we suggest you to buy shares in CNC (Cash N Carry) product type instead of NRML. The only difference is, you are required to pay full amount when you buy shares in CNC. There are no delayed payment charge of 0.05% if the share in CNC product type. You can refer Knowledge Base article for your reference.

  • raju jogdand says:

    Sir 70 din tak aap share holding ka charge 0.05 percent lete hai, agar aage Hume share holding me rakhna hai to uska kya charge lagta hai.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Karthikeyan,
    Further to your earlier query, it is maximum of 20 lacs and not 20lacs*4=80lacs. Please let us know in case you require any further clarifications on the same.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Rangarao,
    Yes, we are required to settle your account on quarterly basis as per SEBI guidelines. In order to keep system in place, we square off your position in 70 days. Hence, you are required to square off your position within 70 days.

  • Rangarao says:


    For example i bought a shares through equimax orders and my share value is increasing.

    Now TSO settles my shares quartelry or is there any option so that i can go long ?

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Raju Jogdand,
    Yes, you can place EquiMax orders through mobile application as well.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Karthikeyan,
    As of now maximum available funding is 20 lac. However, we will check this for you again and will update you soon.

  • J KARTHIKEYAN and my mobile no is 8861458173 says:

    Sir, In the Equimax blog, it is mentioned that The maximum available funding per client has been limited to 20 lacs and i think that, it is 20lacs*4 times exposure (80 lacs) or maximum 5 lac*4 times exposure (20 lacs), which is correct pls clarify me on the same regarding Equimax enabled account. My Client ID is YKAJ27

  • raju jogdand says:

    sir equimax trading NSE ke mobile app par karsakte hai kya , agar neahie to android mobile ke liye konsa appa hai batiaean.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Dibakar,
    As per company’s Risk Management Policy is charged at 18% PA and this % is at par across the industry.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Kalyan Dasgupta,
    We do not have any minimum amount criteria for trading. It seems you are referring to exposures for delivery. Yes, we have a product called EquiMax as explained in detail in the blog mentioned above. To start trading with this product, you are required to have Rs.25000 which includes your Cash + Holding + Collateral. You can take delivery with upto 4 times exposure.

    As per discount broking module, you will get exposure on amount available in your trading account. An online fund transfer makes funds available in a single click with the help of Instant Fund transfer.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    At Trade Smart Online we do not have any minimum amount criteria. You can start trading with any amount.

  • vineetpagnisvineet pagnis says:

    I had been told that minimum balance is 10000? what is that for?

  • kalyan dasgupta says:

    why the minimum amount is rs 25,000/ it sud be lowered. as offline broker u can give levarage uptu 6-8 times and also allow times for invester for to send cheque(as many are not comfortable in online transfer). it sud be 1weak or 7-8 working day after taking any devery trade for cheque. inthat time it wud better if u dont take any interest. for that u8 can take .2% brokarage . its my feedback

  • Dibakar says:

    It us good but interest rate is around 18 % pa of your fund which seems to be on higher side.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Dibakar
    Interest is charged on the amount funded by us. So in this case we funded you for Rs 75000 (100000 – 75000). Hence the interest will be charged on Rs 75000.

  • Dibakar says:

    Please elaborate me interest changes with this example.
    In my account I have rs 25000 and I have purchased share worth rs 100000 with equimax facility. Now what will be the interest charges.

  • Manoj says:

    Thanks for prompt reply..

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Manoj,
    1. EquiMax is just the medium through which you get higher exposure for delivery. All other trading methodology remains same. So you can trade BTST too. However, please keep in mind with BTST trades there is a risk of short delivery from the exchange.

    2. Due to market volatility if your loss is increasing then we would square of your position once your loss reaches to 50%. In case of your example if loss reaches to 12500 or more then positions shall be squared off from our end. You may refer our RMS policy for the better understanding.

  • Manoj says:

    I have two queries regarding Equimax Facility:-

    1. Can I do BTST trade using Equimax facility??
    Say for Example If I buy shares in NRML today and I want to sell before they get delivered in my DMAT on T+2 days.. Can I square them off on T+1 day??

    2. Secondly,
    Suppose my Account balance is 25000 and I buy shares worth 1 lac. Now market goes against me and actual balance in my account gets reduced below 25000, say 24000..

    Do you square off my positions because now the minimum balance in my account is below the minimum limit of Rs 25000??

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Vishnu B N,
    Please download NEST and follow the instructions. Do let us know in case you require any assistance.

  • Vishnu B N says:

    send me please NEST link

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Yes there is an interest of .05% per day on the debit balance.

    This feature is available only in NEST. So you can use it on NEST mobile but not on NSE Mobile.

  • Vishnu B N says:

    is there any interest for Equimax? and can i use for this in NSE mobile app?

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi SD Ansari
    Our EquiMax product is available only for equity cash delivery trades. To get higher exposure in currency or FNO, you may use Cover Order, Bracket order or Pledge your delivery shares.

    You may also check our Exposure sheet.

  • SD Ansari says:

    Is this offer available on currency and FNO

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Bala,
    For EquiMax positions, you may hold until the quarterly settlement of security as per SEBI guidelines. Settlement of securities depend on various factors like fund available in your account. FNO open positions. You will receive an email before we proceed to quarterly settlement.

    Example: If you have created an EquiMax position of 50000 value of shares.
    Case 1: If you have balance of Rs.12000 then during the end of quarter, you will receive a fund payout of Rs.12000 and shares of Rs.50000 will be settled(squared off).
    Case 2: If the available balance is 0 or -ve then no settlement is made and considered as your account is settled. In this case you will receive a Retention Report to your registered email ID that assures your account is settled for the quarter.

    Hope this is clear to you. You may get back to us on 022-61208000 for more information.

  • Bala says:

    How many days I can keep my position open while availing margin in Equimax,please give an example.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi Raghu,
    As the charges are mentioned in the blog, there will be 0.05%/day interest will be charged on debit balance.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Pradip,
    You cannot trade in EquiMax through NOW trading software. You are required to shift your account to NEST software. You may send an email to [email protected] to shift your account.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hello Shital,
    It would be great if you could refer the link of difference in Product Code. This gives you a detailed explanation.

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    Hi CrazyGurus,
    Thank you for your kind words. We believe in quality that blended with excellent service which is the foundation of successful business. Assuring you the best of our service!

  • CrazyGurus says:

    Great initiative for small traders.Keep it Up !!!

  • RAGHU says:

    do u take any charges for this

  • pradip says:

    Is Equimax work on now mobile trader

  • Shital says:

    Please clarify on NRML, MIS & CNC type trade with difference in each type of trade. Shital

  • Trade Smart Online says:

    We’ve not put a limit on this and you can go longer too as long as you have the necessary margin. However, as a better practice to avoid any confusions we recommend settling it on a monthly basis.

  • ravindra says:

    how many day’s margin is there to pay remaining balance


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