Difference in Stock Market Online Trading and Demat Account

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  • August 22, 2017


  • Rules of Investing in Stock Market | Trade Smart Online Blog says:

    […] This is one of the essentials for anyone to start investing in share market in India. Open a Demat Account and trading account, you need to have one if you wish to invest or trade in […]

  • Jay Mehta says:

    Great post on the various stock market trading and demat account. Thanks for sharing.

  • How To Open Demat Account? An Investor’s Guide says:

    […] Also Read: Difference between Stock Market Trading and Demat Account […]

  • riyasensp says:

    You need to have a Demat Account to hold your offers in an electronic configuration. Furthermore, to trade stock markets, you require a trading account. Both are unmistakable, however, critical parts of the exchanging interaction.

  • shahsandy says:

    Great post to Understand the Difference. For trading in share market you need complete knowledge of this 2 accounts. Bdw thanks for sharing such information. Keep Posting.

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