Top Stock Market & Investment Blogs to Read

November 21, 2017 Smart Investment Tips 4 min read
Best Trading and Investment Blogs to Follow

In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time – none…zero” — Charlie Munger

The above-mentioned quote is from one of the shrewdest investor, a partner of Warren Buffet, among the richest people in the world who also ‘happens’ to be a prolific reader. He claims that it is his reading that brought him to where he is. Munger, by the way, reads roughly 500 books in a year.

Best share trading & investment blogs

Not everyone would have the mental attitude or the time to read and grasp the way Munger and his partner Buffett do. But the essence of the above quote is that reading is an essential part of earning money from the stock markets. Knowledge and money are the only inputs needed, strictly in that order, to succeed in markets.

As most retail and amateur stock traders and investors engage with the stock markets on a part-time basis it becomes difficult to read all newspapers, reports, follow charts on trading apps and watch the news to garner information and interpret it. A lot of opportunities are lost as important news or chart patterns come and go by.

As there are over 3,000 companies listed on Indian bourses, it becomes difficult to track them all, especially during results season. One might look at the results of the few companies that exist in their portfolio but would not have the time to scan and study for new companies.

We at Trade Smart Online have made the job easier by selecting a few blogs that will be of immense help in stock picking, studying chart patterns and try out new trading strategies. Here is the summary of these blogs that can be of use to stock market traders and investors.

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It is a financial analytics portal founded by R Rajandran, an engineer by qualification, but who is now a full-time successful stock trader. The site is unique as it helps a trader to take maximum advantage of various online share trading softwares and share trading strategies in order to develop a trading edge.

The site has a wealth of information on online share trading analysis, strategies, strategy design and algorithmic trading. It also has useful information on migration from one trading software to another, building indicators, how to use software’s and develop share trading strategies. A voracious reader Rajendran also throws in interesting online trading strategies that he gathers from his reading.

Rajendran updates the readers about interesting patterns that he sees in stocks or indices.

Rajendran offers a daily market newsletter and frequently does webinars and training sessions, details of which are updated on the site regularly.

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Founded by Ravi Prasad the website offers recommendations based on technical and fundamental inputs. The good part of the website is that it does not come out with a daily call based on some indicators. Ravi Prasad waits for the pattern to develop into a fundamentally strong company before he puts up his picks, which are free of cost.

Ravi Prasad also travels across the country offering lecture series in both technical and fundamental analysis. Details of his upcoming training are always posted on the site.

For someone who seeks to know technically where the market stands, this website is the place to go. Founded by Bramesh Bhandari the site offers the technical analysis of stocks, derivatives, futures, and commodities.

The site has been awarded the IndiBlogger Awards 2013. Bramesh is a regular contributor to the Future’s Magazine, Chicago.

Using a mechanical trading philosophy, Bramesh makes extensive use of Gann and Time series for his analysis.

Bramesh also provides online tutoring in technical analysis to traders, both professional as well as new traders.

This site run by a Chartered Accountant – Suraj Choudhary comes up with a stock recommendation based on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. The founder believes in picking up fundamentally sound companies which are not only undervalued but are technically in an uptrend. In short, the waiting period for investors in Suraj Choudhary’s stock would be lesser.

The site offers a brief detail behind the rationale of all stock recommendation. It also gives stock market commentary as and when important levels are crossed.

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The site founded by Shabbir Bhimani, a trader, and an investor helps retail investors in understanding stock market and on the art and science of stock picking. An engineer by qualification, Shabbir has self-taught himself in various aspects of investing like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, fractal analysis and swing trading.

Shabbir is a prolific blogger whose article helps clear the woods from the trees in the information clogged world of finance.

With all the online trading and investing one can do by reading all the blogs, the most important help the trader would need is from a tax guru. This is what the site offers, a complete tax solution which is updated as frequently as the government department makes any changes. The site covers both direct and indirect taxes as well as developments in the judiciary. Notifications are promptly posted on the site.

The website provides free updates to professionals and online trading apps & tools and forms related to various laws including tax calculators.

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Did you like the blog? Do you have any recommendations about any other blog that you find useful? Should we keep on sharing more of such articles? Please share your views by posting in comments section.


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