Price and Open interest – Do they ever lie?
There is an old saying that life is like a game of chess. If we know our opponent’s game, our chances...
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Investing in stocks and real estate are the two common long term investment options in India. Have you ...
Top Stock Trading Techniques of All Time
Every successful stock market trader on the planet has one thing in common – he has an edge. By that...
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Sine Web – The Intelligent Web based Trading Application
Sine Web, a handy browser-based trading application, empowers traders with a tool that provides...
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Tips and Tricks for Creating Wealth in Share Market

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Decoding Arbitrage Funds

Decoding Arbitrage Funds

By | Arbitrage Trading | 2 Comments

The term arbitrage maybe quite new to some investors reading this articles, so let me first explain what does the term ‘ Arbitrage’ exactly mean. Arbitrage is taking the advantage of price difference of the same asset in…….

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Bond Trading – a master art

By | Bond Trading, Smart Investment Tips | 3 Comments

Bond markets have always been the favorite asset class in global markets as substantiated by the fact that bond (debt) markets comprise two-thirds of total securities traded. In fact, the size of the global bond market is almost twice that…

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India’s Gold Fetish – Refuses to Die

India’s Gold Fetish – Refuses to Die

By | Gold Investment | No Comments

Government measures and investor education to curb a nasty fetish seem to be failing. Again. A massive current account deficit (4.7% of GDP in FY13) forced the Government to introduce curbs on wasteful gold imports. This combined with high prices…

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Gamma of all times!

Gamma of all times!

By | Fundamental Analysis, Gamma, Technical Analysis, Trading | No Comments

An option’s value is impacted by changes in the price of its underlying asset. E.g. the value of a call and put option for gold vary with the movement of gold price. The amount by which, an option vary for the change in the….

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