10 Things You Can Buy This Dhanteras

October 30, 2021 Trading 3 min read
10 Things You Can Buy This Dhanteras

Diwali is the festival of lights and the celebration of the Goddess Lakshmi, who brings prosperity and wealth to homes. The first day of this 5-day festival is the Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi, and it is the luckiest day to buy clothes, gold, silver, and other precious metals. On these auspicious days of Diwali, everyone will be brainstorming on what to buy on Dhanteras so that things will bring good luck to them and their family. We have 10 suggestions on what to buy on Dhanteras 2021. We haven’t forgotten to add what not to buy on Dhanteras

Here, take a look at the 10 best things to buy on Dhanteras.

  • Gold and Silver

Indians have held a special place for gold and silver in their hearts for ages. It is the most favorite asset for Indians due to their potential for a good appreciation as a long-term investment. You don’t have to think twice while considering what is auspicious to buy on Dhanteras. Buying gold and silver is always a wise option.

  • Gold Exchange Traded Funds Investment

Gold ETFs are mutual fund schemes where you can invest in the electronic form of gold. Even though physical gold is not involved, it is one of the best things to buy on Dhanteras if you are interested only in buying gold. Gold ETFs and E-Silver can reward you with better returns.

  • Utensils

Buying some silver, copper, or brass utensils on the day of Dhanteras is considered lucky as per Hindu beliefs. But you dare not bring an empty vessel home. Fill it with water or food before entering the home, and don’t forget to stay away from buying steel or iron utensils.

  • Equity investments

Rather than going on a spree to invest in equity, it would be better if you invest very calculatedly with a better long-term strategy. Follow a disciplined approach while investing in equity as it will help you take care of the market fluctuations.

  • SIPs

Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs help you invest in Mutual Funds. Investors can invest in SIPs and earn better returns with the power of compounding, which is the best option among the other things to buy on Dhanteras.

  • Property and real-estate

What is auspicious to buy on Dhanteras other than that dream home of yours? Nothing! Everyone has a dream home of their own, either as a place to live in or as an investment. During this festive season,  property builders and banks are giving offers to buy properties. You can either choose wisely and become the proud owner of your dream home or invest in real estate and reap the benefits later!

  • Insurance

Insurance is always an asset that protects you and your family. Invest in a good term insurance policy. A floater health insurance is the ideal one for a younger family. Make sure you have adequate risk cover before buying insurance. So, don’t stress too much about what to buy on Dhanteras this year. Buy your family a safety shield- insurance on this Dhanteras. 

  • Tax saving investments

What is much better than saving taxes? Investing in saving taxes! Invest in options like PPF, NSC, ELSS, etc., so that you can make tax-saving investments a part of your investment plan. 

  • Vehicle

A vehicle may not be the ideal thing to buy on Dhanteras as it is a depreciating asset. But, there is nothing wrong with bringing an asset to your home during this Diwali, as banks and sellers will be luring you with the best offers and loans. A car or a two-wheeler can make your daily life easy, and none can bury their thought of having a vehicle of their own. It doesn’t hurt to exchange your old vehicle for a new one too.

  • Electronics and home appliances

India is a country with a high younger population and youngsters are in dire need of new gadgets as it has become more than a source of entertainment these days. On these festive days, with a wide variety of offers, you should bring home the most updated gadgets and appliances. 

What not to buy on Dhanteras

  1. Avoid buying any plastic or glass utensils as it is considered bad luck for you (Of course, it is bad for our environment too).
  2. Try to stay away from buying fake gold since it doesn’t bring any returns in the future.
  3. You should not spend money on buying sharp objects like knives, scissors on the occasion of Dhanteras.

This Diwali, may the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi shine upon you and bring home prosperity and wealth! Happy Dhanteras Shopping!

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