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Algo Trading

Trade Smart Online along with Global Financial Datafeeds LLP (GDFL) have brought to your fingertips, a service to integrate Amibroker with NEST Plus and bring the power of Algo trading to your fingertips. As part of the benefits of our tie-­up with GDFL you can avail discounted rates of up to 40% on real-­time data.

What is Algo­-trading trying to address?

1) Traditional traders maintain non-connected work-stations for Technical Analysis and Order Management.
2) Whenever a trading signal triggers in the charting platform, traders place an order manually.
3) For frequent day-traders, this is error-­prone, time-consuming and, a needless duplication of efforts.
4) Also, if multiple orders are triggered from one or more trading strategies, the same cannot be handled effectively in real-­time.

How does Algo-trading help?

Real time data analysis is no more a rocket science. By connecting to the Analysis and Order Management System (OMS­ NEST Trader) we bring to you an integrated service that helps you manage risk better and faster.

Whenever a signal is triggered in the charting / analysis platform (Amibroker), it instantly reflects in the OMS (NEST Trader) – picking up the details of the intended trade from the analysis platform automatically. You can then review the order and immediately submit the same to the exchange.


1) Back-test strategies at a portfolio level.
2) Trade with Multiple Strategies, Multiple Symbols.
3) Trailing Stop Loss, Target Based Exits, Line Pair trading and Manual Trading (optional).
4) Run strategies live. Triggers will open on NEST allowing you to execute with just one click.

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Minimum Requirements

Users who desire to have this facility will need the following:

1) AmiBroker (you may download your copy from or their sister
concern – who are the official vendors for AmiBroker in India).
2) Real time data (Any of the data products).
3) Trading plugin (provided free of cost for all the data platforms and isincluded with the standard installation).
4) Trading Account with Trade Smart Online and NEST.
5) Active NestPlus Account from Omnesys Technologies (can be purchased from here)

Next Steps

If you are a Trade Smart Online customer, feel free to take a tour of the amazing service by clicking here. Use your client code and name to get a discount on subscribing to GFDL Data Products.
For more information about the Trading Bridge, how it works, video tutorials
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