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Full-service brokers look to join discount squad

Broker is an individual or firm that charges a fee for executing buy and sell orders of an investor. A full-service broker provides a large variety of services, including research and advice. Discount brokers offer web-based platforms, without research and advice. Clients are charged a flat fee for each trade, irrespective of its value. Full-service brokers charge fee as a percentage of the total turnover. For the cash market, rates vary between 10 paise and 30 paise for delivery-based trades, and below five paise for intra-day trades.

Be prudent with your small and micro cap stock portfolio

For an investor, investing in a bad business with good management will give a better return rather than investing in a good business with bad management. We have skeletons of numerous IT companies lying by the wayside to prove this point. The same is true for every sector. A boom in any sector attracts genuine promoters as well as those who want to make a quick buck on the stock. Differentiating them is the art part of investing. Identifying good companies on the basis of financials is the science part of investing.

Is mobile trading for you?

For a regular trader on the stock market, a buy or sell is all about getting the timing right. This can be a problem for those working on limited access terminals or travelling extensively. The solution appears to lie in your mobile. How can you harness the power of these platforms? India has become the world's fastest growing market for mobile-based stock trading since its launch in 2010. On the NSE, the turnover of mobile transactions has increased by 130% over the past year, from Rs 50,800 crore in August 2014 to Rs 116,186 crore in August 2015.Experts say these figures could double in the next two years.

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